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The world of science fiction is always full of surprises, and Netflix’s ‘1899’ is no exception. The show has taken viewers on a journey through simulations and alternative realities, following the passengers of two ships, Kerberos and Prometheus, as they embark on a voyage to New York City. As the first season comes to a close, fans are left with many unanswered questions and hidden secrets, leading to speculations and theories about the direction of season 2.

In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of ‘1899’ and explore the mysteries within, decoding the hidden messages and uncovering the plot twists that make this show so captivating. To fully understand the complexities of ‘1899’, it is essential first to examine the show’s plot and main characters. The passengers on the two ships come from different backgrounds and have varying motivations for embarking on this journey. As the story progresses, their pasts are revealed, and their true intentions are uncovered, leading to unexpected twists and turns.

The show explores themes of memory, identity, and reality using flashbacks and dream sequences, making it a thought-provoking and challenging series for viewers. In the following sections, we will explore the key characters, their motivations, and the unresolved mysteries and clues that may lead to season 2’s direction.

Key Takeaways

  • The 1899 show is a sci-fi TV show on Netflix about simulations and alternative realities.
  • The main plot revolves around two ships, Kerberos and Prometheus, and the onboard passengers experiencing chaos and manipulation.
  • Maura, one of the passengers, is revealed to be the simulation creator, and her father misuses her technology to create more simulations.
  • The ending of season 1 is open-ended, and there are hints that a season 2 may involve another simulation by the mysterious character, Cirian.

1899 Explained

The TV Show’s Plot

The TV show ‘1899’ explores alternate realities and technology’s impact on humanity. The plot centers on the two ships, Kerberos and Prometheus, with Prometheus’ crew taking a young boy named Elliot onboard and setting sail back home.

Chaos ensues in Kerberos as passengers start dropping dead, and Daniel manipulates Maura’s sense of perception. As the story progresses, it is revealed that Maura is the simulation’s creator, and she transfers her son’s consciousness to a simulated reality to preserve him.

However, her father, Henry Singleton, misused her technology by creating more simulations inside his direct simulation to study the human brain. Each passenger has a trapdoor under their bed, leading to a simulation of their past.

The show raises questions about the ethical implications of technology, the nature of reality, and the impact of our choices on the world around us.

Key Characters and Motivations

Cirian’s motivations and identity remain unknown throughout the first season of ‘1899’, leaving audiences with many questions about this enigmatic character.

Meanwhile, Henry Singleton is revealed to be the one who controls the simulations and Maura’s memories. He uses black and white injections to reset and restore memories and takes control of Maura’s simulations when she loses her memories.

However, Maura eventually escapes the simulation and wakes up in a space station, where she discovers a message left by Cirian.

Maura’s journey throughout the show is self-discovery and uncovering the truth about her past and the simulations she has created.

Henry’s role in controlling the simulations is pivotal to the plot, as he misuses Maura’s technology to create more simulations inside his direct simulation to study the human brain.

As the creator of the simulations, Maura also transferred her son’s consciousness to a simulated reality to preserve him.

The complex relationships between these key characters and their motivations are central to the show’s plot and leave audiences eager to learn more about their secrets and hidden agendas.

Unresolved Mysteries and Clues for Season 2

One area of interest for viewers of ‘1899’ is the unresolved mysteries and clues left for the potential second season. One of these is the significance of the beetle code. While it was used to unlock closed doors in the first season, its significance beyond that remains unknown.

Some fans have theorized that the beetle could symbolize rebirth or transformation, as beetles typically undergo a metamorphosis process. Others speculate it may connect to ancient Egyptian mythology, as beetles were seen as a symbol of the sun god Khepri.

Another unresolved mystery is the potential consequences of another simulation. Cirian, the mysterious figure who took control of Maura’s simulation, may put her and the passengers through another simulation in season 2. This raises questions about the true intentions of Cirian and the potential dangers of repeatedly entering and exiting simulated realities.

Some fans have speculated that the characters may experience memory loss or physical harm due to the constant exposure to simulations. Others predict that the consequences of another simulation may be even more dire and potentially life-threatening for the characters. Only time will tell what the actual consequences of another simulation will be for the 1899 characters.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the significance of the phrase “may your coffee kick in before reality does” in the show?

The phrase ‘may your coffee kick in before reality does’ in 1899 is significant as Cirian uses it to insult his prisoners. Exploring the symbolism of coffee in the show highlights how it represents a temporary escape from reality, a recurring theme throughout the series.

Who is Cirian, and what are his motivations in the show?

Cirian’s intentions and hidden agenda remain unknown in the Netflix sci-fi TV show ‘1899’. The significant phrase ‘may your coffee kick in before reality does’ is a way for Cirian to insult his prisoners. Season 1’s open-ended finale leaves room for speculation on Cirian’s role in the show’s future.

What is the black substance, and what is its purpose in the simulation?

The black substance in ‘1899’ is a code representing a virus intentionally introduced by a passenger named Daniel to the simulation. Its purpose is to manipulate and disrupt the simulation, adding to the mystery surrounding the show’s alternate realities.

How does Maura’s technology get misused by her father, Henry?

Maura’s father, Henry Singleton misused her simulation technology by creating more simulations to study the human brain without her knowledge or consent. This raises ethical considerations about the use of technology and father-daughter dynamics in scientific research.

What are the potential implications of Maura and the passengers being put through another simulation by Cirian in season 2?

If Cirian puts Maura and the passengers through another simulation in season 2 of ‘1899’, it could have significant psychological effects and implications for the characters. The uncertainty and confusion caused by the simulations may lead to further manipulation and danger.


In conclusion, ‘1899’ is a captivating sci-fi TV show that explores simulations and alternative realities in a complex plot filled with mind-bending twists. The show follows the passengers of two ships, Kerberos and Prometheus, navigating through mysterious and dangerous situations.

With significant phrases and hidden codes, the show leaves viewers with several unresolved mysteries and clues for season 2. The key characters and their motivations add depth to the plot, making it more intriguing and keeping the audience engaged.

The ending of season 1 leaves viewers with several questions and potential directions for the next season. Overall, ‘1899’ is a thought-provoking and thrilling series worth watching for sci-fi enthusiasts and those who enjoy complex plots.

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