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Based on the manga of the same name, the TV series Alice in Borderland follows the story of Arisu, a high school student in an alternate world populated by dangerous games. The ending of this series, which aired in December 2020, left many viewers with unanswered questions and a desire to understand the deeper meaning behind the story.

This article will provide an in-depth explanation of the Alice in Borderland ending, delving into the transformation of Arisu, the consequences of power, the power of friendship, and the reflection of reality. By examining these key themes, we can gain insight into the true meaning of the ending, offering a deeper understanding of the story.

Key Takeaways

  • Arisu undergoes significant emotional growth and mental strength as he breaks the rules and challenges the game’s creator, representing a shift from passivity to the agency.
  • The power of friendship proves to be a powerful motivating force that guides the protagonists through the darkness and reflects the struggles of interpersonal relationships, reminding us of its importance in our lives.
  • Nature plays a critical role in the storyline, emphasizing the importance of not forgetting our roots, highlighting the fragility of life, and providing insight into the protagonists’ journey.
  • Arisu’s journey reflects difficult choices and power dynamics and gives insight into the world’s power dynamics, reminding us to accept fate and power dynamics for closure.

Recap of the Final Episode

In the final episode of Alice in Borderland, the culmination of the story’s events is revealed, explaining the show’s conclusion.

After enduring many hardships, the protagonists accept death as inevitable and embrace life in the moments they have left. This realization is ultimately what allows them to find balance in their lives and be content with the choices they have made.

The protagonists must accept death as a part of life, and while it is undeniably painful, it is also necessary for them to fully appreciate the beauty of life. This understanding leads them to embrace life, including its joys and sorrows.

With this newfound understanding, they can find balance in their lives, allowing them to move forward with a newfound sense of peace and belonging. The protagonists of Alice in Borderland ultimately learn to accept death, embrace life, and find balance, thus providing a poignant conclusion to the show.

Arisu’s Transformation

Arisu’s transformation is a critical narrative element, representing a shift from passivity to agency. His emotional growth and mental strength are evident in the final episode, as he takes it upon himself to break the rules of the Borderland game and challenge the game’s creator.

After facing immense adversity, Arisu is finally prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice to save his friends and the people of Tokyo. His resilience and courage is a testament to the power of the human spirit, and his newfound sense of self-determination allows Arisu to come to terms with his own identity and discover his true place in the world.

Arisu’s transformation is a powerful symbol of hope that speaks to the audience’s subconscious desire for belonging and connection.

The Consequences of Power

The power accessed by Arisu during his transformation has a far-reaching effect, influencing the lives of all those around him in both positive and negative ways.

His newfound strength creates a role reversal between him and Usagi, with Arisu taking on a leadership role. This unequal balance of power leads to tension in their relationship, mainly when Usagi is unwilling to accept Arisus’ newfound authority.

This is further complicated by the fact that Arisu is ill-equipped to handle the consequences of his newfound strength, as seen when facing off against Karube. The power imbalance leads to volatile situations that Arisu is unprepared to handle, creating further tension between the two friends and leading to several difficult situations.

As Arisus’s transformation progresses, it becomes clear that the power he has accessed has had a lasting impact on those around him, both for good and ill.

The Power of Friendship

Despite the power imbalance between Arisu and Usagi, the strength of their friendship ultimately allows them to overcome the difficult situations they face.

Through their experiences in Borderland, Arisu and Usagi were forced to trust in strangers, despite an uncertain outcome. This trust in others is a testament to the strong bond they have, as they were willing to put their lives in the hands of strangers in order to achieve their goals.

While their journey was not without selfish choices, their friendship proved to be a powerful motivating force that guided them through the darkness.

In the end, Arisu and Usagi’s friendship was the driving force behind their success, and it was ultimately the key to their victory in Borderland.

A Reflection of Reality

Through their journey in Borderland, Arisu and Usagi’s relationship reflects the struggles of interpersonal relationships in the real world.

Initially, they were an unlikely pair, but as they faced life and death situations in the games, their friendship developed and grew stronger with their reliance on each other.

Despite their occasional quarrels, Usagi and Arisu’s bond of friendship was tested and proved to be unbreakable.

In the end, it was this bond of friendship that made it possible for them to survive the games and escape from Borderland alive.

The fun and games of Borderland provided a reality check for the characters in the series, showing them the importance of friendship and loyalty.

Viewers were confronted with an exploration of the value of interpersonal relationships and the importance of having a sense of belonging.

Despite the fantastic elements of the show, Alice in Borderland serves to remind us all of the importance of friendship, and how it is essential in our lives.

The Role of Nature

Nature plays a critical role in the Alice in Borderland storyline, offering a platform for reflection on the fragility of life and importance of environmental stewardship.

Throughout the series, nature is used to challenge Arisu’s understanding of his place in the world and the societal roles he has been assigned.

The lush green forest that Arisu and the other participants travel through acts as a reminder of the importance of not forgetting one’s roots and the value of the natural world.

The natural surroundings also serve to emphasize the fragility of life and how quickly it can be taken away.

It is not only Arisu, but also the other participants who are forced to reflect on their own mortality and the consequences of their actions as they traverse the dangerous and unpredictable landscape.

In this way, nature plays an important role in the Alice in Borderland storyline, pushing Arisu and the other participants to confront their own mortality and the importance of environmental stewardship.

The Meaning of the Ending

The conclusion of Alice in Borderland provides insight into the journey of Arisu and the other participants, reflecting on their understanding of life and death. Arisu’s story arc comes to a close with the realization that only when he accepts his fate and the power dynamics of the world he lives in can he find closure.

His journey is a reflection of the difficult choices one has to make and the power dynamics that comes with it. Arisu’s journey gives us insight into the power dynamics of the world and how it affects our lives.

Arisu’s journey is a reminder that life is full of difficult decisions and power dynamics, but ultimately, we can find closure if we accept our fate and the power dynamics that come with it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the ending symbolize?

The ending of the story symbolizes a power struggle between two conflicting forces, with limited choices available. It highlights the need for tough decisions in life, as well as the importance of making the best of the options available, in order to achieve a desired outcome. The ending also emphasizes the need for connection and belonging, to navigate complex situations.

What does the ending suggest about the future?

The ending of the story suggests that decision making and power dynamics are important factors that could influence the future. It implies that people should be aware of the consequences of their choices and be cognizant of the potential impact it can have on the world around them. It also suggests that the power of collective action has the potential to create a better future.

How does the show reflect our current society?

Alice in Borderland explores the current state of society, depicting social justice issues and economic inequality. The show offers an insightful look into the need for belonging and how it can drive people to make difficult choices. It serves as a reminder of the reality of our world and the challenges we face.

How does the show explore the idea of power?

Alice in Borderland explores the idea of power through its characters’ questioning of reality and morality issues. It provides creative detail-oriented insights into the power dynamics of our society, which encourages its audience to think deeply and reflect on their own sense of belonging.

What does the show say about the importance of friendship?

The show emphasizes the importance of friendship by illustrating how building trust and overcoming obstacles can lead to meaningful relationships. Through the characters’ journeys, it conveys a strong message about the power of connections and how they can shape our lives.


The ending of Alice in Borderland left viewers with a sense of both wonder and reflection. Arisu’s transformation from a powerless individual to a powerful leader serves as a reminder of the consequences that come with power.

The power of friendship was also highlighted, with Arisu’s relationships with his comrades helping him to achieve his goals.

The ending also serves as a reflection of reality, with Arisu’s journey within the game representing the journey of life.

Finally, nature played a significant role in the ending, with its beauty and unpredictability acting as a reminder of the fragility of life.

Ultimately, the ending of Alice in Borderland serves as a reminder to cherish the moments of life, and to appreciate the beauty of nature.

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