All 12 Ernest Movies In Order
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Ernest Movies In Order

Ernest movies have been a particular feature of American culture for decades. From the mischievous antics of Ernest P. Worrell to the comedic yet inspiring stories told through his films, Ernest has become an iconic figure in American comedy. This article will provide an overview of all Ernest movies, from the earliest releases to the most recent, and will offer a brief history of each movie’s production and reception. Through this analysis, readers can gain a deeper understanding of Ernest’s impact on film history and popular culture over the years.

The Ernest Film Festival

Ernest’s Origins can be traced back to the late 1980s when a series of films starring the character of Ernest P. Worrell was released. These films, which include Ernest Goes to Camp (1987), Ernest Saves Christmas (1988), and Ernest Goes to Jail (1990), quickly became cult classics and established the character’s popularity among moviegoers.

Ernest’s Impact on popular culture has been substantial. His charmingly naive demeanor won him fans, and his catchphrases—such as “Knowhutimean?”—have become part of the zeitgeist. Further, his slapstick comedy style inspired later generations of filmmakers, notably Adam Sandler, in films such as Billy Madison (1995). As such, it is clear that Ernest’s Legacy will remain strong for years; he will continue to influence film comedy for generations to come and draw new fans into his fold.

Ernest Goes To Camp

Ernest Goes to Camp, the first film in the Ernest series is a 1987 comedy directed by John R. Cherry III. The movie follows Ernest P. Worrell as he embarks on a camping adventure with his friend, Vern, and his love interest, Heidi. The story revolves around Ernest’s attempts to impress Heidi while also trying to win over her family and friends, who are skeptical of his intentions. Throughout the movie, Ernest is seen wearing various camping gear, such as overalls and a fishing hat, while partaking in activities at the campground, such as telling stories around a campfire and playing games with his fellow campers. He also experiences various mishaps along the way that add to the comedic nature of the film.

The camping theme of Ernest Goes to Camp provides viewers with insight into Ernest’s character as a lovable yet bumbling individual who often finds himself in hilarious situations due to his lack of common sense. Additionally, it showcases how he uses his charm and wit to win people over despite their initial doubts about him. From playing pranks on other campers to entertaining them with stories from his past adventures, Ernest proves he can be just as much fun at camp as anyone else. Overall, the movie serves as an enjoyable introduction to the world of Ernest P. Worrell and sets up many of the elements that would later become staples of future installments in this long-running franchise.

Ernest Saves Christmas

Ernest Saves Christmas is the third movie in the Ernest film series and tells the story of Ernest P. Worrell’s holiday misadventures. The movie follows Ernest as he discovers Santa’s workshop secrets and helps save Christmas by aiding Santa Claus in rediscovering the true meaning of Christmas.

The movie highlights a unique reimagining of holiday magic as Ernest is immersed in a fun and wacky journey full of surprises. Along his adventure, he meets quirky characters such as a young elf who holds an essential part in saving Christmas, a magical snowman, and even the villainous Mr. Thrombey, all while helping Santa discover his own forgotten Christmas traditions. Through these encounters, Ernest brings about a new understanding of old holiday traditions and ultimately helps save Christmas for everyone.

The film has become a classic holiday favorite due to its humorous take on traditional Christmas stories, mixing modern comedy with timeless themes to create an entertaining experience for viewers of all ages. It also features catchy tunes, memorable catchphrases, and plenty of slapstick humor, leading to plenty of laughter for viewers whenever it airs during the winter season. Ernest Saves Christmas will bring joy and laughter to anyone looking for festive cheer this holiday season!

Ernest Goes To Jail

Ernest Goes To Jail, released in 1990, is the fourth installment of the Ernest movie series. This installment follows a now-fully grown Ernest P. Worrell as he tries to save an old friend from going to jail and instead lands himself behind bars. Ernest’s motivation to help his friend comes from his experiences with injustice and unfairness. As he is thrust into what he believes is a corrupt system, Ernest takes it upon himself to try to fix the system from within by advocating for prison reform and challenging legal injustices.

Ernest’s time in jail brought out a new side of him as he experiences firsthand the stark contrast between life on the outside and life on the inside. Despite experiencing many emotions, from fear to confusion, he ultimately stands up for what is right and fights against setting an example for others that crime does not pay. His experiences have lasting effects on society as it encourages viewers to think about how we can improve our prison systems by addressing issues such as overcrowding, rehabilitation efforts, and social stigma associated with incarceration.

Ernest Scared Stupid

Ernest P. Worrell, the iconic and beloved character portrayed by Jim Varney in a series of successful films, continues to remain popular among audiences of all ages. His humorous approach to life and memorable catchphrases have stood the test of time and become iconic parts of American culture.

The first Ernest movie, Ernest Goes to Camp, was released in 1987 and was followed by seven more films that featured Ernest as the main character. The movies were often low-budget affairs but drew large crowds due to Ernest’s comedic talent and the lighthearted nature of their plots. Despite mixed reviews from critics, they consistently performed well at the box office and quickly spawned a cult following that continues today.

Ernest’s impact on popular culture cannot be overstated; he has left an indelible mark on many generations of moviegoers who find themselves quoting his lines or imitating his antics. His legacy has been solidified through countless television appearances, video games, and merchandise featuring his likeness. While Ernest has not been seen on screen for some years now, the popularity of his films continues to live on in the hearts of fans everywhere.

Ernest Rides Again

Ernest’s persona has been one of the film’s most recognizable comedic figures. A staple of the 1980s and 90s, the character was created by Jim Varney and has remained a cultural icon ever since. Ernest’s impact on the comedy world is undeniable; his style of humor, often based on slapstick, physical comedy, and satire, has left a lasting impression on audiences worldwide.

Ernest’s legacy will no doubt be remembered for many generations to come. His unique brand of comedy, which blends elements of absurdity with clever wordplay and situational irony, still resonates deeply with viewers today. His movies have provided countless laughs over the years and continue to be enjoyed by fans, old and new alike. His presence in popular culture is a testament to his enduring impact as a comedic genius.

Slam Dunk Ernest

Ernest P. Worrell, more commonly known as simply Ernest was a comedic actor and character who starred in many movies throughout his career. His early beginnings in the 1980s saw him develop a unique comedy style that would become widely beloved and take on different forms of media over the following decades. Ernest’s career was one of cultivating comedy for various platforms, from movies to television shows and even video games.

Throughout his career, Ernest developed and fine-tuned his comedic character, heavily influenced by traditional elements of stand-up comedy, vaudeville theatre, and slapstick humor. His signature physical gags were often used to poke fun at himself or others around him, always getting a few laughs from the audience. In addition to his physical humor antics, he used puns and other wordplay to create comedic situations that resonated with viewers.

Ernest’s legacy continues to entertain audiences today with his mix of classic comedy influences combined with an irreverent attitude towards life’s everyday frustrations. He inspired countless comedians since his time on screen and will likely continue to do so for generations to come. It is safe to say that Ernest has left an indelible mark on the world of comedy that will never be forgotten.

Ernest In The Army

Ernest in the Army is a comedy film that follows the misadventures of Ernest P. Worrell as he joins the army. Through his unique perspective and wit, this movie provides an entertaining look into military life and army humor. Ernest’s experiences include learning about army culture, getting involved in war stories, and finding creative ways to escape trouble.

The movie features several funny set pieces that explore the chaos of being a soldier in the military, with Ernest often trying to find his way out of difficult situations. One scene sees him dressing up in drag to avoid punishment from a drill sergeant, while another has him creating a wild story involving an escaped bear to explain why he is late for duty. Throughout all these scenes, it is clear that Ernest’s comedic timing and charm are key elements in making this movie enjoyable for viewers.

Hey Vern, It’s My Family Album

Ernest P. Worrell’s early years have been the source of much of his later success. As a child, he displayed a unique combination of personality traits and relationships that made him endearing to audiences. His strong sense of humor and mischievous nature won him many friends, while his willingness to take risks often led to exciting adventures. Ernest’s interaction with those around him also highlighted his wit and charm. In these moments, viewers can truly appreciate the complexity and depth of Ernest’s character. Through these moments, Ernest connected with audiences in a way that would be remembered through decades of films.

Your World As I See It

Ernest’s movies have had a profound impact on the entertainment industry, both financially and creatively. From the beginning of the series, Ernest’s movies were renowned for their creative expression and technical innovation. They featured bold storylines that pushed the boundaries of what was considered acceptable in traditional cinema then. The financial success of these films was undeniable, creating an entire franchise of spinoffs and sequels.

Not only did Ernest’s movies provide an avenue for financial success, but they also served as a powerful form of cultural representation. They depicted stories about everyday people living ordinary lives, showing audiences that anyone can become a hero regardless of social standing or circumstances. Moreover, by portraying characters from marginalized backgrounds, these films provided an opportunity for personal growth and self-reflection among viewers. Finally, Ernest movies have had a significant social impact on society: they continue to be celebrated worldwide today due to their lasting legacy of inspiring people to reach beyond their limitations.

Ernest Goes To School

Ernest Goes to School is the second installment in the Ernest movie series. It follows Ernest P. Worrell’s adventures as he attends school for the first time. The movie focuses on Ernest’s transition into his new school life and how he copes. Throughout the movie, viewers watch him interact with his classmates and participate in after-school activities.

Ernest’s school experiences prove to be both challenging and entertaining. As he meets new people and faces difficult situations, viewers get a glimpse of his true character: resilient, kind-hearted, and resourceful. Despite being a fish out of the water, Ernest makes friends along the way and enjoys his new surroundings. He also discovers an aptitude for certain subjects despite overcoming inevitable setbacks due to his lack of schooling. In the end, Ernest emerges as a successful student who has learned valuable lessons about life at school.

Ernest Goes To Africa

Ernest Goes to Africa is a film focusing on the journey of Ernest P. Worrell, an American who has traveled to Africa in search of adventure. The movie follows him as he explores the African fauna and culture, encountering unique and exciting experiences. Ernest learns important lessons about respecting nature and people from different cultures throughout his journey.

The African continent serves as a backdrop for Ernest’s journey of learning and growth. He befriends several locals and animals throughout his travels, both of which help him better understand life in Africa. Ernest’s impact on the local population is substantial; he encourages them to embrace their culture, protect the environment, and look for ways to improve their living conditions. By the end of his journey, Ernest has gained valuable insights into African culture and values, which will stay with him long after his return home.


The Ernest film franchise has endured for decades, and its legacy is seen in its nationwide popularity. The movies are timeless and have been enjoyed by generations of fans. While the franchise began with Ernest Goes to Camp in 1987, subsequent films such as Ernest Saves Christmas, Ernest Scared Stupid, Hey Vern It’s My Family Album, Your World as I See It, and Ernest Goes to Africa demonstrate the growth of the series over time. Through its clever writing, memorable characters, and offbeat humor, these films remain cherished by fans worldwide. As a historian of these stories, it is clear that the success of this franchise lies in its ability to capture the hearts of audiences everywhere.

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