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astro boy movie review

The 2009 animated film Astro Boy, directed by David Bowers, is a modern retelling of the classic Japanese manga and anime series created by Osamu Tezuka.

The movie follows the story of a young robot named Astro, built to replace a scientist’s deceased son.

Despite his advanced technology and superhuman abilities, Astro struggles to find acceptance among humans and ultimately sets out on a journey to discover his true identity.

Astro Boy presents a unique blend of action, adventure, and heartwarming themes that will captivate audiences of all ages.

The film features an impressive cast of voice actors, including Freddie Highmore as Astro, Kristen Bell as Cora, and Nicolas Cage as Dr. Tenma.

Astro Boy is an entertaining and thought-provoking movie that will leave viewers feeling nostalgic and inspired with stunning animation, thrilling fight scenes, and a touching storyline about the importance of family and self-discovery.

Characters And Voice Acting

The 2009 animated film Astro Boy retells the classic Japanese manga series. The movie showcases stunning visuals but also succeeds in character development and voice actor performances.

The characters are designed to be relatable and engaging to the audience. The voice acting in Astro Boy is top-notch, with every actor bringing their A-game.

Freddie Highmore voices the titular character Astro Boy, and he does an excellent job of capturing his youthful energy and innocence. Other notable performances include Kristen Bell as Cora, Eugene Levy as Orrin, and Nicolas Cage as Dr. Tenma.

Their performances add depth to their respective characters, making them more than just one-dimensional caricatures. Overall, the well-developed characters and firm voice acting make Astro Boy a must-see for fans of the genre.

Animation And Visuals

The animation and visuals in Astro Boy are genuinely stunning. The use of vibrant color palettes creates a visually stimulating experience that is both exciting and engaging.

The colors enhance the characters’ emotions, with bright and cheerful tones used during happy scenes, while darker shades convey a more severe or ominous tone.

The 3D animation techniques used in Astro Boy are also impressive, elevating the film to new heights of visual excellence. The attention to detail is evident in every frame, from the intricate designs of the robots to the sweeping landscapes of Metro City.

The characters move fluidly and realistically, creating a sense of believability that draws audiences into this fantastical world. Overall, the animation and visuals in Astro Boy are nothing short of extraordinary, making it a true cinematic masterpiece.

Plot And Storyline

The plot and storyline of the 2009 animated film Astro Boy directed by David Bowers, revolves around a young robot named Astro, who Dr. Tenma creates after his son’s tragic death.

As Astro navigates through his new life, he discovers that he possesses incredible powers that make him unique and soon finds himself amid a battle between humans and robots.

The story progresses as Astro journeys to find his true identity while trying to save Metro City from destruction.

While the film boasts stunning visuals and an engaging premise, it falls short regarding character development and pacing issues.

Despite having a solid central character in Astro Boy, the supporting characters are not fleshed out enough to make them memorable or impactful.

Additionally, the movie’s pacing feels uneven at times, with some scenes moving too quickly while others linger for too long.

This inconsistency detracts from the film’s overall enjoyment and affects its ability to engage its audience fully.

Themes And Messages

The themes present in the Astro Boy movie revolve around artificial intelligence and humanity’s relationship to technology. The film explores the consequences of creating intelligent machines capable of feeling emotions and their impact on society. Additionally, it raises questions about the ethical implications of playing god by creating life.

The movie highlights how humanity’s relationship with technology can lead to positive and negative outcomes. While the robots created in the movie are meant to serve humans, they also reveal how easily they can be manipulated for selfish purposes.

Moreover, the story shows that technology can bring people together and create division if not used responsibly. Overall, Astro Boy presents a thought-provoking commentary on society’s reliance on technology and its effects on our world.

Overall Impressions And Recommendation

The themes explored in the Astro Boy movie are complex and thought-provoking. The film tackles issues such as identity, loss, and the ethics of artificial intelligence. These themes are presented in a way that is accessible to children while still being engaging for adults.

Furthermore, the cultural significance of Astro Boy cannot be ignored. Generations of fans have beloved Astro Boy as an iconic character in Japanese manga and anime.

This latest adaptation brings the character to a broader international audience and showcases the enduring popularity of Japanese pop culture.

While it may not be a perfect film, Astro Boy is worth watching for its exciting themes and cultural significance.


The Astro Boy movie, directed by David Bowers and released in 2009, is an animated science fiction film based on the Japanese manga series of the same name.

The story follows a young robot named Astro who journeys to discover his true identity and save Metro City from destruction.

In this review, we will analyze the characters and voice acting, animation and visuals, plot and storyline, and themes and messages conveyed in the film.

Regarding the characters and voice acting, the movie features an array of talented actors who bring life to their respective roles.

Freddie Highmore delivers a solid performance as Astro Boy, while Nicolas Cage’s portrayal of Dr. Tenma is convincing.

The animation and visuals are impressive throughout the film, with breathtaking action sequences that showcase the capabilities of modern animation technology.

While some may find fault with the plot’s pacing or predictability, it does possess strong themes such as acceptance, identity, and family values.

The story also raises questions about humanity’s responsibility towards artificial intelligence.

Despite its flaws, Astro Boy is an enjoyable film with action-packed entertainment suitable for all ages.

In conclusion, Astro Boy is a visually stunning movie with excellent voice acting that merits recognition for its overall quality.

While it may not be groundbreaking in storytelling or character development, it remains an entertaining sci-fi adventure that will appeal to anime fans and casual viewers alike.

This movie should not be missed for those seeking a fun-filled escapade into a futuristic world filled with robots and heroes!

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