Bohemian Rhapsody Movie Review
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Bohemian Rhapsody Movie Review

Our Bohemian Rhapsody movie review was the highly anticipated biopic about the legendary band Queen and their frontman Freddie Mercury. I was eager to see how director Bryan Singer would handle such an iconic story that has captivated audiences for decades.

Rami Malek stars as Freddie Mercury in what is undoubtedly the role of his career thus far. The film chronicles Queen’s rise to fame, their struggles with record labels, and Mercury’s personal life.

But does Bohemian Rhapsody do justice to Queen’s larger-than-life personality and music? Let’s dive in and find out.

Portrayal Of Freddie Mercury

Bohemian Rhapsody, the biographical film about Freddie Mercury and Queen, has been praised and criticized since its release in 2018. The portrayal of Freddie Mercury, played by Rami Malek, is perhaps the film’s most controversial aspect.

As a film critic, my personal opinions on this portrayal are divided. On one hand, Malek’s performance is undeniably powerful. He captures the flamboyant energy and stage presence that made Freddie Mercury an iconic performer.

However, some have criticized the film for glossing over certain aspects of Mercury’s life and sexuality. While it is understandable that some details may have been left out for time or to keep a PG-13 rating, these controversial choices leave something to be desired.

While Malek’s performance is impressive and entertaining, Bohemian Rhapsody could have delved deeper into Freddie Mercury’s complex life story.

Accuracy Of Historical Events

As with any biopic, accuracy versus dramatization is always present. Bohemian Rhapsody is no exception. While the film does take some historical liberties, it does an overall impressive job of staying true to the essence of Freddie Mercury and Queen’s story.

One example of historical liberties taken is the timeline of events. The film compresses several years into a much shorter time frame for narrative purposes. However, this decision doesn’t detract from the story’s impact.

Additionally, some details are changed for dramatic effects, such as Freddie’s relationship with his father and how he discovered his diagnosis. Despite these changes, the emotional core remains intact, creating a compelling cinematic experience.

Musical Performances

While the accuracy of historical events in Bohemian Rhapsody may be debatable, there is no denying the exceptional musical performances throughout the film.

Rami Malek’s portrayal of Freddie Mercury is stunningly accurate, capturing his physical appearance and the electrifying energy and stage presence that made him such an iconic performer. Malek’s lip-syncing to Queen’s classic hits is flawless, and his dedication to mimicking Mercury’s movements and mannerisms adds an extra layer of authenticity to each performance.

But it’s not just Malek who shines in this department. The rest of the cast also delivers standout musical moments, particularly Gwilym Lee as Brian May and Ben Hardy as Roger Taylor. Their harmonies are tight, their guitar solos are impressive, and their overall chemistry on stage feels like a band that has been playing together for years.

Of course, credit must also be given to the talented musicians who provided the actual instrumentals for the film – their sound quality perfectly captures Queen’s signature mix of rock, pop, and theatricality.

And let’s not forget about the costume design – from Mercury’s over-the-top outfits to May’s distinctive hairstyle; every detail helps transport us back to 1970s rock ‘n’ roll glory.

While some may criticize Bohemian Rhapsody for its lack of historical accuracy, there is no denying its ability to capture the spirit and energy of one of music history’s most beloved bands. The musical performances are nothing short of electrifying, aided by impeccable sound quality and attention to detail in costume design.

Whether you’re a diehard Queen fan or simply looking for a fun night at the movies with great music, Bohemian Rhapsody will deliver in spades.

Direction And Cinematography

The direction and cinematography of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ is a masterclass in visual storytelling. Director Bryan Singer and cinematographer Newton Thomas Sigel have created a cinematic experience that immerses the audience into the world of Freddie Mercury and Queen.

The use of lighting throughout the film is particularly noteworthy. From the bright stage lights during Queen’s performances to the dimly lit recording studios, the lighting sets the mood for each scene and amplifies the characters’ emotions.

Additionally, camera angles effectively showcase the grandeur of the Queen’s performances and intimate moments between characters. The use of handheld cameras during concert scenes adds a sense of urgency and energy, placing viewers right in the middle of the action.

In conclusion, ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ is not only a musical biopic but also an impressive visual spectacle thanks to its brilliant direction and cinematography. Singer and Sigel’s attention to detail elevates this film beyond just being a retelling of Freddie Mercury’s life story. The use of lighting and camera angles not only enhances the visuals but also contributes to conveying emotions throughout the film.

It is no wonder that ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ won several awards for its technical achievements at major award ceremonies such as Academy Awards and Golden Globe Awards.

Overall Impressions And Recommendations

Overall, Bohemian Rhapsody is a biopic that successfully captures the essence of Freddie Mercury and Queen’s music. The film explores themes such as identity, acceptance, and music’s power to unite people.

Rami Malek delivers an outstanding performance as Mercury, embodying his charisma and energy both on stage and off. The supporting cast also shines, with standout performances from Gwilym Lee as Brian May and Lucy Boynton as Mary Austin.

The impact of Bohemian Rhapsody on its audience is undeniable. Viewers are taken on an emotional journey through the highs and lows of Queen’s career, leaving them feeling inspired and uplifted by the end. The film’s powerful message about being true to oneself and embracing diversity resonates with audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

Overall, Bohemian Rhapsody is a must-see for fans of Queen’s music and anyone who loves a good underdog story.


Overall, as a Queen and Freddie Mercury fan, I thoroughly enjoyed Bohemian Rhapsody. The portrayal of Freddie Mercury by Rami Malek was outstanding and captured the essence of his flamboyant and charismatic personality.

Although some historical events were not entirely accurate, the film still told the story of the Queen’s rise to fame and its impact on music.

The musical performances in the movie were exceptional, with many iconic songs being played throughout. Director Bryan Singer and cinematographer Newton Thomas Sigel did an excellent job capturing the energy and excitement of Queen’s live performances.

I highly recommend Bohemian Rhapsody to any fan of Queen or anyone who loves music biopics.

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