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Deep Water is a film that delves into the complexities of a dysfunctional relationship and the consequences that arise from it. This psychological thriller, directed by Adrian Lyne, is an adaptation of the 1957 novel by Patricia Highsmith.

The story follows the marriage of Vic and Melinda, where the latter is allowed to take lovers as long as she doesn’t break up their family. Vic’s mental state deteriorates as the movie progresses, leading to disastrous outcomes for those caught in their twisted mind games.

The film is a disturbing portrayal of a toxic relationship that sees the death of at least three people in their town. Despite the violence and chaos that ensue, their relationship only seems to grow stronger. This twisted tale of love and murder is a commentary on the darker aspects of human nature and the consequences of allowing toxic relationships to fester.

Through its portrayal of the human psyche, Deep Water offers a glimpse into the complexities of our desires and the lengths we’re willing to go to achieve them.

Key Takeaways

  • “Deep Water” is a psychological thriller on Hulu that revolves around the toxic marriage of Vic and Melinda.
  • The couple’s relationship sees at least three people die in their town. Still, it ends with their relationship more vital than ever, leaving uncertainty about whether their marriage will continue to see more lovers or murders.
  • Trixie, Vic and Melinda’s 6-year-old daughter, know more about her parents’ marriage than they let on and identifies with the family, choosing understanding when singing ‘You Make Me Feel Like Dancing.’
  • The movie is adapted from the 1957 novel by Patricia Highsmith, directed by Adrian Lyne, and stars Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas. It takes from many real-life marital struggles around infidelity, family maintenance, and reduced passion over time.

Deep Water Explained

Plot Summary

The plot of Deep Water revolves around the toxic marriage of Vic and Melinda, where Melinda is allowed to have affairs. Vic’s anger and violence lead to dire consequences for those involved, culminating in the couple’s renewed passion and unifying agreement after multiple murders.

The movie explores the dark allure of infidelity and the complexities of toxic relationships, delving into the twisted dynamics between the couple and their daughter, Trixie, who knows more about their marriage than they let on.

As the plot unfolds, Vic and Melinda’s marriage deteriorates, with Vic becoming increasingly unstable and Melinda continuing to have affairs.

The movie ends with the couple feeling more passionate than ever after Vic kills two of Melinda’s lovers in cold blood, and Melinda helps cover up the murders.

Despite their toxic behavior and the deaths of at least three people in their small town, the couple chooses to stay together out of sick codependent love.

Production and Reviews

Directed by Adrian Lyne and starring Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas, the film adaptation of Patricia Highsmith’s 1957 novel, Deep Water, has received negative reviews.

Disney acquired the film in its 20th Century Fox deal, and it is considered to be an erotic thriller that takes inspiration from many real-life marital struggles around infidelity, maintaining a family, and reduced passion over time.

However, despite its star-studded cast and exciting plot, the film failed to impress the critics, who found it lacking in suspense and tension.

One of the film’s main criticisms was Ben Affleck’s performance, which was deemed lackluster by many reviewers.

Affleck plays the role of Vic, a man who becomes increasingly unhinged as he struggles to cope with his wife’s infidelities.

While Affleck is known for his dramatic performances, critics felt his portrayal of Vic was wooden and unconvincing.

Overall, while Deep Water may appeal to fans of erotic thrillers, it is unlikely to win over those looking for a more nuanced and well-executed film.

Soundtrack Analysis

‘You Make Me Feel Like Dancing’, the song featured in Deep Water, represents the family’s total romantic devotion and serves as a unifying theme throughout the film, evoking a sense of unsettling familiarity with the family’s toxic co-dependency.

The upbeat and cheerful tune contrasts with the dark and twisted events happening on screen, creating a sense of irony and discomfort for the audience.

The song’s lyrics, which speak of the singer’s total devotion to their lover and their willingness to do anything for them, reflect the twisted nature of Vic and Melinda’s relationship, where violence and infidelity are the norms.

The musical themes and song selection in Deep Water reinforce the movie’s central themes of love, marriage, and murder.

The soundtrack turns sinister in its conclusion, reflecting the dark path the main characters have taken.

The use of ‘You Make Me Feel Like Dancing’ as a recurring motif throughout the film highlights the twisted nature of the family’s relationship and serves as a reminder that, sometimes, love can be just as deadly as hate.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the movie address the issue of mental health and its impact on the character’s actions?

The movie Deep Water does not directly address mental health and its impact on the characters’ actions. However, the stigmatization effects and lack of mental health awareness in society can be seen in the characters’ unhealthy coping mechanisms and toxic behaviors.

What role does Trixie play in the story, and how does she perceive her parents’ relationship?

Trixie’s perspective on the parental relationship dynamics is crucial to the story. She witnesses her parents’ toxic marriage and the violence that ensues but still wants her family to stay together, suggesting a deep-seated desire for a sense of belonging.

Are there any changes to the original novel’s plot in the movie adaptation?

The movie adaptation of Patricia Highsmith’s 1957 novel, Deep Water, features plot changes from the original work. A comparison between the book and the film reveals alterations in the storyline to create a psychological thriller.

How does the movie explore the themes of love, marriage, and infidelity?

The movie explores themes of infidelity and unconditional love through the turbulent marriage of Vic and Melinda. Their toxic relationship sees the deaths of at least three people, but they remain complicit in each other’s immorality, ultimately choosing to stay together out of sick codependent love.

What is the significance of the movie’s ending, and what does it suggest about the future of the characters’ relationships?

The movie’s ending implies a disturbing future for the family dynamic, as it suggests that the couple’s toxic marriage, fueled by infidelity and murder, will continue. The implications for reconciliation are bleak, as the family stays together out of sick codependent love.

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