Eastward Game Review
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Eastward Game Review

EASTWARD is a recently released action-adventure video game developed by Pixpil and published by Chucklefish. The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where players control a young girl named Sam and her unlikely companion, John, as they travel through various cities and towns in search of answers to the mysteries surrounding their world. EASTWARD has been receiving widespread praise for its beautiful pixel art graphics, engaging storytelling, and unique blend of action and puzzle-solving gameplay.

Throughout this review, I will delve into the various aspects that make EASTWARD an enjoyable gaming experience. From its stunning visuals to its captivating plotline and challenging puzzles, I will explore how each element contributes to the overall success of the game. Additionally, I will evaluate how well the game mechanics work together to create a seamless and immersive gameplay experience. For fans of action-adventure games or those looking for a fresh take on post-apocalyptic worlds, EASTWARD is definitely worth checking out.

The World Of Eastward: A Post-Apocalyptic Adventure

The world of EASTWARD is a post-apocalyptic adventure that offers players the opportunity to explore ruins and survive in a dangerous world. Set in a fictional world, the game takes place in a society that has undergone an apocalypse, leaving the cities and landscapes desolate and barren. The game’s protagonist, John, is a digger who discovers Sam, a young girl with magical powers.

As John and Sam traverse through the dangerous world of EASTWARD, they encounter various enemies and obstacles that present challenges for the players to overcome. Along the way, players must use their skills and strategy to explore ruins left behind by the previous civilization while also gathering resources and avoiding danger. The game’s setting is complemented by its unique artistic style, which merges pixel art with hand-drawn elements to create an aesthetic that is both nostalgic and modern. Overall, EASTWARD offers gamers an immersive experience set in a post-apocalyptic world filled with mystery, danger, and adventure.

Meet The Characters: Sam And John

Sam and John are two of the main characters in Eastward, each with unique personalities that play a crucial role in their dynamic and relationship development throughout the game. Sam is a cheerful and optimistic girl who loves to cook, while John is a gruff and serious man who works as a miner. Despite their differences, they form a close bond as they journey together through the post-apocalyptic world of Eastward.

The character design and development for Sam and John are well-crafted, with detailed backstories that reveal their motivations and drive the plot forward. Sam’s backstory involves her life as an orphan before she met John, while John’s backstory delves into his past struggles as a miner. As players progress through the game, they will witness both characters undergo significant growth and change, ultimately solidifying their friendship and creating an emotional connection with players.

Their relationship development is gradual yet believable, making it one of the highlights of Eastward’s storytelling. Fans of character-driven narratives will appreciate the attention given to Sam and John’s personalities and how their experiences shape them over time. Overall, Eastward delivers on its promise of creating compelling characters that players will root for until the very end.

Stunning Pixel Art Graphics

Pixel art appreciation has been on the rise in recent years, and Eastward is a testament to this trend. The game’s visuals are absolutely stunning, with every element of the environment painstakingly crafted to create a retro aesthetic that feels both modern and timeless. The attention to detail is remarkable – from the way light filters through trees to the subtle animations of characters as they move around the world. Every pixel feels purposeful, imbuing each scene with a sense of life and personality.

What really sets Eastward apart from other games that attempt to modernize retro aesthetics is its commitment to world-building. Rather than simply relying on nostalgia, the game creates an entirely unique universe that players can truly immerse themselves in. This is achieved not just through the visuals, but also through clever writing and engaging gameplay mechanics. Everything from character designs to enemy types feels like it belongs in this world, making for an incredibly cohesive experience that never breaks immersion. Overall, Eastward’s graphics are a triumph of pixel art and a true joy for anyone who appreciates the form.

Engaging Storytelling And Unique Gameplay

The stunning pixel art graphics of Eastward set the stage for an immersive gaming experience. However, the game offers more than just visual appeal. The narrative is a key component that keeps players engaged throughout their journey.

Themes and emotions are woven into the story in a way that makes them feel natural and compelling. Whether it’s exploring themes of love, loss, or redemption, players are sure to find themselves emotionally invested in the characters and their journeys. The game also incorporates narrative choices that impact the outcome of the story, adding an extra layer of depth to an already engaging experience. With its unique blend of storytelling and gameplay mechanics, Eastward delivers a memorable gaming experience that shouldn’t be missed.

Engaging storytelling and unique gameplay mechanics keep players invested in the world of Eastward. As they progress through the game’s narrative, players are presented with choices that have real consequences on how things play out. This level of player agency not only makes for a more immersive experience but also encourages replayability as different choices can lead to entirely different outcomes.

Whether you’re drawn in by the stunning visuals or looking for a captivating story, Eastward delivers on both fronts with flying colors. Its emotionally charged themes and impactful narrative choices make for an unforgettable gaming experience that will stay with you long after you’ve finished playing.

Challenging Puzzles And Game Mechanics

Gameplay mechanics are essential in any game, but they are particularly important in puzzle games. In this regard, Eastward does not disappoint. The game mechanics are simple enough to understand quickly but complex enough to keep players engaged throughout the game. There are various actions a player can perform, such as attacking enemies, dodging their attacks, and using special abilities. These mechanics make for a smooth and enjoyable gameplay experience.

As for the puzzles, they range from easy to challenging, with some requiring critical thinking and planning to solve them. Each puzzle is unique and requires different approaches to solve them. The game provides multiple ways of solving each puzzle, which allows players to experiment with different strategies until they find what works best for them. Overall, the gameplay mechanics and puzzle solutions in Eastward combine seamlessly to create a satisfying gaming experience that will keep players coming back for more.

Criticisms And Areas For Improvement

While Eastward is a solid game overall, it has its fair share of criticisms and areas for improvement. One issue that some players may have with the game is its balancing difficulty. While the game starts out relatively easy, the difficulty ramps up significantly later on, especially during boss fights. This can be frustrating for players who may feel like they are constantly dying and struggling to progress through certain areas of the game. Additionally, some puzzles in the later stages of the game can feel overly complex and obtuse, which can also lead to frustration.

Another area where Eastward could use some improvement is in its exploration of narrative. While the story itself is well-written and engaging, it often feels like certain elements are rushed or underdeveloped. For example, characters will sometimes appear briefly without much explanation or backstory before disappearing again just as quickly. Additionally, while there are moments of emotional resonance throughout the game, these moments are not always given enough time to breathe before moving on to the next plot point. Overall, while Eastward is a solid game with plenty to offer players looking for a charming adventure title with fun gameplay mechanics, there are definitely areas where it could be improved upon in future iterations.

Final Verdict: Is Eastward Worth Playing?

After spending countless hours exploring the world of EASTWARD, it’s clear that the game offers a unique and unforgettable experience. The game’s stunning visuals and exceptional soundtrack create an immersive environment that draws players in right from the start. However, what sets EASTWARD apart from other games is its emphasis on exploring relationships between characters. Throughout the game, players are introduced to a variety of interesting personalities, each with their own backstory and motives. The interactions between these characters are well-developed and engaging, making it easy to become invested in their individual journeys.

In addition to its strong character development, EASTWARD also has a wealth of hidden secrets waiting to be discovered. From finding hidden rooms to uncovering cryptic messages, there’s always something new to discover around every corner. These secrets not only add depth to the game’s lore but also reward players for taking the time to fully explore their surroundings. Overall, EASTWARD is certainly worth playing for those looking for a memorable gaming experience filled with captivating characters and intriguing hidden secrets.


The post-apocalyptic world of EASTWARD is a captivating adventure that will leave players hooked from the start. With stunning pixel art graphics, engaging storytelling, and unique gameplay mechanics, this game manages to stand out from the crowd.

Sam and John are wonderful characters with their own unique personalities and backstories that make them a joy to play as. The puzzles can be challenging at times, but they add an extra layer of depth to the game. While there are some areas for improvement, such as the lack of replayability, overall EASTWARD is definitely worth playing.

In conclusion, EASTWARD is a fantastic addition to any gamer’s collection. With its immersive storylines and captivating gameplay mechanics, it manages to stand out in a crowded market. While there are some areas for improvement, this game still manages to deliver on all fronts. If you’re looking for an exciting adventure that will keep you engaged for hours on end, then EASTWARD is definitely worth checking out.

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