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get out movie review

Get Out Movie Review

Our Get Out movie review is based on Jordan Peele’s horror classic that has captivated audiences since its release in 2017. Directed by Jordan Peele, the film tells the story of a young black man who visits his white girlfriend’s family estate only to discover their disturbing secret.

Get Out has been praised for its unique blend of horror and social commentary, earning it numerous awards and nominations. Peele’s directorial debut was a critical and commercial success, grossing over $255 million worldwide on a budget of just $4.5 million.

The film’s themes of racism and cultural appropriation struck a chord with audiences, sparking conversations about race relations in America. This review will discuss why Get Out is a great horror movie and an essential addition to social discourse.

Jordan Peele’s Unique Vision

Jordan Peele‘s unique vision has left a lasting impact on the horror genre. With his directorial choices and cinematic symbolism, Peele has managed to create a terrifying and thought-provoking world.

His influence on modern horror can be seen in the films that have followed in his wake, but none have entirely captured the same magic as his debut feature, Get Out.

From the opening shot of a man walking alone at night to the final twist that leaves audiences reeling, Peele’s film is a masterclass in suspenseful storytelling.

The critical reception was overwhelmingly positive upon its release. Many praised Peele for his ability to tackle complex issues such as race and identity while still delivering a thrilling horror experience.

It’s no wonder Get Out has become a modern classic, solidifying Peele’s place as one of the most innovative filmmakers.

The Horror Genre Meets Social Commentary

Get Out is a horror film blends traditional horror tropes with a poignant commentary on societal issues. Directed by Jordan Peele, the movie follows the story of Chris, a young African-American man who visits his white girlfriend’s parents for the first time.

What starts as an awkward and uncomfortable weekend quickly turns into a nightmare as Chris uncovers the sinister secrets lurking beneath the surface of his girlfriend’s seemingly perfect family. One of the most impressive aspects of Get Out is how it uses horror tropes to explore critical social issues such as racism and cultural appropriation.

Peele masterfully weaves elements of classic horror films like The Stepford Wives and Rosemary’s Baby with real-world experiences of African-Americans to create a terrifying and thought-provoking narrative. By doing so, he highlights the insidious nature of racism in modern-day society and forces viewers to confront uncomfortable truths about their implicit biases.

  • The use of symbolism: Throughout the film, various symbols are used to represent deeper societal issues. For example, the teacup symbolizes how white people appropriate black culture for their benefit.
  • The role reversal: Unlike many horror films where people of color are often portrayed as victims, Get Out flips this trope on its head by making Chris the hero who fights against his oppressors.
  • The social commentary: Besides being a horror film, Get Out is a commentary on contemporary race relations in America. Peele uses his directorial debut to shed light on interracial relationships, police brutality, and microaggressions.

Overall, Get Out is a must-see film that expertly combines horror tropes with social commentary. It is terrifying and thought-provoking, leaving viewers questioning their biases long after leaving the theater.

Powerful Performances By The Cast

With a storyline as intense as Get Out, it’s only fitting that the cast brings their A-game. And boy, did they deliver. The performances were so powerful that they emotionally impacted the audience long after the credits rolled.

The character development of each actor was masterfully executed, with each individual bringing their unique quirks and personality traits to the table. Daniel Kaluuya’s portrayal of Chris Washington was particularly noteworthy; his transformation from a man trying to navigate a complicated situation to someone forced to confront his deepest fears is impressive. Allison Williams also deserves recognition for her role as Rose Armitage; her seemingly sweet and innocent demeanor slowly unravels throughout the film, leaving the audience questioning everything they thought they knew about her character.

Daniel KaluuyaChris WashingtonOutstanding
Allison WilliamsRose ArmitageImpressive
Bradley WhitfordDean ArmitageConvincing
Catherine KeenerMissy ArmitageChilling

Overall, the performances in Get Out were nothing short of exceptional. The actors brought depth and complexity to their characters, resulting in a film that will leave you thinking long after it’s over. Without a doubt, this is one movie you won’t want to miss.

A Thought-Provoking Exploration Of Race Relations

Get Out is a thought-provoking exploration of race relations that delves into the complexities of an identity crisis. The movie masterfully tackles the issue of racism and its effects on one’s sense of self while keeping the audience on edge with its gripping storyline and eerie atmosphere.

Director Jordan Peele skillfully blends horror and social commentary, creating a unique cinematic experience that forces viewers to confront their biases and assumptions.

The film’s protagonist, Chris, played brilliantly by Daniel Kaluuya, struggles to navigate a world where his blackness is both fetishized and feared, leading him toward paranoia and terror.

As the story unfolds, audiences are forced to question their preconceptions about race relations in America, making for an uncomfortable but necessary viewing experience.

Overall, Get Out is a must-see film that offers a fresh perspective on issues of race and identity. With its clever script, talented cast, and expert direction, it successfully tackles complex subject matter engaging and impactfully.

Peele has created a groundbreaking work of art that will leave audiences thinking long after the credits roll.

A Must-See Film For Horror Fans And Social Critics Alike

If you’re a fan of horror movies that explore societal issues, then Get Out is a must-see film.

From the mind of Jordan Peele comes a story of a young black man, Chris (Daniel Kaluuya), who visits his white girlfriend’s (Allison Williams) family in their secluded estate.

Initially, things seem off but harmless enough until strange occurrences begin happening, and Chris realizes he might not make it out alive.

What makes Get Out unique is its ability to blend horror elements with commentary on the racism and microaggressions many black people experience in predominantly white spaces.

Peele masterfully weaves together suspenseful scenes with thoughtful discussions on how society views and treats black people.

The result is a chilling yet thought-provoking film that will leave you questioning your biases and assumptions.


Overall, Jordan Peele’s ‘Get Out’ is a masterpiece that seamlessly blends horror with social commentary. Peele’s unique vision and direction allow the film to tackle issues of racism and discrimination in a way that is both thought-provoking and terrifying.

The performances by the cast are powerful, particularly Daniel Kaluuya, who perfectly captures the fear and confusion of his character.

‘Get Out’ is a must-see for horror fans and social critics alike, offering a fresh take on both genres.

This film will leave you questioning society’s views on race and how deep these prejudices are.

Don’t miss out on this cinematic gem.

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