Hereditary Movie Review
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Hereditary Movie Review

Our Hereditary movie review is based on a horror movie that has been making waves since its release in 2018. Directed by Ari Aster and starring Toni Collette, the film explores themes of grief, family dynamics, and the supernatural.

Hereditary has been praised for its intense and unsettling atmosphere, as well as the outstanding performances of its cast. The film follows the Graham family after the death of their reclusive grandmother.

As strange occurrences happen, they uncover dark secrets about their ancestry and face an evil force threatening to tear them apart. With striking visuals and an eerie score, Hereditary is a chilling exploration of the horrors that can hide within one’s bloodline.

Ari Aster’s Direction

Ari Aster’s direction in Hereditary is a standout element of the film. His visual style is hauntingly beautiful, with each frame carefully crafted to create an unsettling atmosphere. Slow camera movements and long takes add to the dread, as if something lurks just out of sight. The imagery is often disturbing, with unsettling close-ups and unnerving compositions that leave a lasting impression.

Equally impressive is Aster’s use of sound design. Silence is used significantly, creating an eerie tension that makes even the slightest noise feel jarring. The score by Colin Stetson is equally effective, with its dissonant soundscape adding to the sense of unease throughout the film. It’s clear that Aster has a keen understanding of how sound can enhance a scene’s mood and atmosphere.

Aster’s direction in Hereditary sets the tone for what is sure to be a horror classic. His visual style and use of sound design create an unforgettable experience that will stay with viewers long after the credits roll.

Toni Collette’s Performance

Toni Collette’s performance in Hereditary is nothing short of remarkable. Throughout the film, she displays a range of emotions that leave the audience spellbound.

As Annie Graham, Collette brings an emotional depth to the character that is both haunting and captivating. From the moment we meet her, we see a woman struggling with grief and loss. Collette’s ability to convey these complex emotions makes her performance stand out.

As the story progresses, we see Annie unraveling before our eyes, and Collette’s portrayal of this descent into madness is nothing short of brilliant. It’s no wonder that her performance has been hailed as one of the best in recent years.

Hereditary has made a significant impact on the horror genre and cinematic storytelling as a whole. The film turns familiar horror tropes on their head, creating something unique and terrifying.

But it’s not just the scares that make this movie so impactful; it’s also its exploration of grief, trauma, and mental illness. With Toni Collette’s range and emotional depth at its core, Hereditary is a masterpiece of modern horror cinema.

It will leave you shaken and questioning everything you knew about scary movies. This film is not for the faint-hearted, but you won’t be disappointed if you’re brave enough to watch it.

Themes Of Grief And Family Dynamics

Exploring trauma and coping mechanisms are two of the major themes that run throughout Hereditary. The film delves deep into the complex dynamics of a family struggling to deal with the death of their matriarch as they navigate through their traumas and grief.

Each character is forced to confront their past and present demons differently, leading to a harrowing exploration of how people cope with loss. One of the film’s most striking portrayals of trauma comes from Toni Collette’s performance as Annie Graham. Her character is haunted by a traumatic childhood experience that has left her emotionally scarred, and her mother’s passing further exacerbates this pain.

Collette brings an incredible range to her role, expertly conveying the inner turmoil and desperation of coming to terms with such profound loss. It’s a performance that will stay with you long after the credits roll, leaving you thinking about how we all cope with our grief and trauma.

The film doesn’t avoid portraying the darker aspects of human nature when dealing with loss, but it also offers some hope in its portrayal of familial love and support. Ultimately, Hereditary is a masterful exploration of how people deal with grief, trauma, and loss. It’s a film that will leave you thinking long after it ends about your coping mechanisms and how we all deal with life’s tragedies in our unique ways.

Uncovering Dark Secrets

As the story unfolds, we are taken on a journey of exploring ancestry and psychological unraveling. The film delves deep into the dark secrets of the family tree, leaving the audience on edge throughout. The tension builds with each passing scene as we witness the unraveling of a family plagued by a curse that has haunted them for generations.

The characters are well-developed, and the acting is phenomenal, which only adds to the intensity of this thriller.

Hereditary is not just another horror movie; it’s an immersive experience that takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions. From heart-wrenching sorrow to bone-chilling terror, this movie has it all.

It’s a must-watch for anyone who loves psychological thrillers or wants to be gripped by their seat until the end.

The Malevolent Force Threatening The Graham Family

The evil force threatening the Graham family is at the core of Hereditary’s horror. It’s a slow burn that gradually builds up to an explosive finale, leaving audiences unnerved and disturbed.

The film explores supernatural elements in a chilling and thought-provoking way. Watching the Graham family unravel their history, we are drawn into a world of secrets and darkness.

Director Ari Aster masterfully creates an atmosphere of dread that permeates every scene, from the eerie score to the haunting visuals, everything about Hereditary works towards creating an unforgettable horror experience.

The evil force may be unseen, but its presence is palpable throughout the film, making it all the more terrifying.

Overall, Hereditary is a triumph in modern horror filmmaking. Exploring supernatural elements and unraveling family history creates a genuinely unsettling experience for viewers. This film will stay with you long after the credits roll, cementing its place as a modern horror classic.


In conclusion, ‘Hereditary’ is a masterpiece of modern horror. Ari Aster’s direction is nothing short of brilliant, with stunning cinematography and a haunting score setting the film’s perfect tone.

Toni Collette delivers one of her best performances, crafting an emotionally raw portrayal of a mother struggling with grief and her family’s dark past.

The grief and family dynamics themes are explored in a way that feels familiar and unsettlingly fresh. The gradual uncovering of dark secrets adds layers to the story, keeping viewers on the edge until the end.

And the evil force threatening the Graham family is truly terrifying, leaving a lasting impression long after the credits have rolled. ‘Hereditary’ is not just a great horror movie – it’s a great movie, period.

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