In The Tall Grass Ending Explained
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In The Tall Grass Ending Explained

In the Tall Grass is a 2019 Canadian horror film written and directed by Vincenzo Natali. The film is based on a 2012 novella of the same name by authors Stephen King and his son Joe Hill. As an adaptation, In the Tall Grass takes some creative liberties with its source material, particularly in its ending. This article will provide an explanation for the ending of In the Tall Grass, covering plot points and themes as well as analyzing their implications.

In the Tall Grass follows siblings Becky (Laysla De Oliveira) and Cal (Avery Whitted) as they become trapped in a vast field of tall grass after hearing a young boy’s cries for help. As they search for the boy, they struggle to find their way out while encountering increasingly strange occurrences. When they finally reach the origin of the cries, they discover that far more sinister forces are at work within the tall grass than originally suspected.

Synopsis Of In The Tall Grass

In the Tall Grass is a horror film directed by Vincenzo Natali, based on the novella of the same name written by Stephen King and Joe Hill. The story follows two siblings, Becky and Cal DeMuth, who travel to Kansas after hearing a young boy’s cries for help from within a vast field of tall grass. After entering the field they quickly become disorientated and find themselves unable to escape as they face an unimaginable evil lurking in the shadows.
The film features a strong emphasis on psychological horror and suspense, with its Fear Factor and Mind Games elements creating an effective sense of dread throughout. There are multiple moments that will leave viewers feeling uncomfortable or unsettled, as well as touches of dark comedy to lighten the mood. Despite some narrative issues, In the Tall Grass succeeds at providing viewers with an enjoyable horror experience. Its unique concepts and ideas make it stand out from other films in its genre.

Setting And Atmosphere

The atmosphere of In the Tall Grass is a crucial part of the film’s ability to capture its audience. The foreboding landscape, combined with a somber soundtrack, creates an environment that is both mesmerizing and unsettling. As viewers traverse through this world, they are left feeling unease as they move closer to uncovering the dark secrets that lie hidden within it. The cinematography captures this mood perfectly, providing an eerily beautiful backdrop for the characters’ journey into the unknown. Every scene is imbued with a sense of dread and suspense, as if something sinister could be lurking just around the corner. Ultimately, this sense of tension and mystery builds up to an unexpected and shocking ending that will leave viewers on edge until the very last frame.


The horror film In the Tall Grass offers a thought-provoking exploration into the depths of fear and its traumatic consequences. At the core of this story is a young couple who decide to embark on a journey to help a desperate family, only to find themselves lost within an endless field of tall grass that holds dark secrets. As they wander through the depths of this eerie world, they become increasingly aware of the fearful consequences that come with being trapped in such a place. The film’s unsettling atmosphere and constant dread are further amplified by its nightmarish flashbacks and subtle hints at traumatic memories that lurk in the minds of its characters. By weaving together these elements, In the Tall Grass captures an intense psychological experience that will leave audiences shaken and reflective long after it ends. The film’s creators have succeeded in creating an unforgettable journey full of suspense and terror that will stay with viewers for days to come.

Character Analysis

The ending of In the Tall Grass leaves viewers with an overwhelming sense of emotional trauma and mental anguish. Protagonists Becky and Cal DeMuth find themselves in a disorientating labyrinth of tall grass, unable to find the way out. As the story progresses, their only hope for escape is shattered when they are forced to confront a series of horrifying revelations about the nature of their predicament.

The film’s climax is characterized by a harrowing sequence featuring a seemingly endless array of psychological horrors. This emotionally charged scene emphasizes the characters’ increasing sense of desperation as they struggle to make sense of what has happened to them. The surreal visuals and nightmarish music underscore the raw terror that comes from facing such uncertainty, leaving viewers feeling uneasy and disturbed. Ultimately, In the Tall Grass serves as an unsettling reminder that sometimes our worst nightmares can become reality.

Plot Summary

The ending of In the Tall Grass reveals an interesting dynamic between the two siblings at its center. After a series of terrifying events, a final reveal unveils the story’s true purpose: to explore the power of sibling rivalry and family dynamics. The climax involves Beck and Cal trying to outrun what they assume is a monster, only to discover it is their own mother. It turns out she was lost in the tall grass for decades and has been searching for her children ever since.

This heartbreaking twist proves that familial bonds are not easily severed, in spite of distance or time. Throughout the film, viewers watch as these relationships evolve and shift in sometimes surprising ways. As Beck and Cal navigate their way through an impossible maze of tall grass, they come to terms with their own roles within their family dynamics. The film shows how love can be found even in the most desperate of circumstances – something its protagonists only discover by embracing the unpredictable nature of life itself.

The Ending And Its Significance

The ending of In the Tall Grass provides a powerful and poignant conclusion to the film. It presents an important moral question about nature versus nurture, fear versus hope. The movie’s protagonists, Cal and Becky, are stuck in an endless loop of their own making. They are confronted with a choice that will determine the future of their lives: stay in the tall grass or leave it behind. Ultimately, they choose to face the consequences of their actions by leaving the grass and taking responsibility for themselves. In doing so, they demonstrate a courage and resilience that is inspiring.

The final moments of In the Tall Grass serve as an uplifting reminder that even when faced with seemingly insurmountable obstacles, we can still choose our destiny. The film captures this message in its hauntingly beautiful imagery and its emotionally charged climax. As Cal and Becky make their way out of the tall grass, viewers are presented with a thought-provoking reflection on our power to determine our fate despite whatever darkness may surround us.

The Power Of Perception

The power of perception can be a double-edged sword, and the end of In the Tall Grass is a testament to this. After a long journey of self-reflection, the characters come to terms with the consequences of their perceived reality. It becomes clear that they have been stuck in an infinitely looping field throughout the movie; each new decision they make merely leads them back to where they started from. The harrowing truth is that no matter how hard they try, their efforts are futile and will do nothing but repeat themselves over and over again.

The audience is left with an uncomfortable feeling of being stuck in a loop, never able to escape from their current situation. This feeling permeates through the entire film and serves as a reminder that our own perception and decisions can often lead us into negative cycles which are difficult to break out of. While In the Tall Grass ultimately provides no answers for how to escape these cycles, it does leave viewers with an understanding of how powerful our perceptions can be and how easily we can become victims of our own expectations.


In In The Tall Grass, Vincenzo Natali crafts a mind-bending tale of horror that challenges traditional expectations of the genre. The film’s setting and atmosphere are expertly realised, with the tall grass providing a backdrop for the dark and strange occurrences that take place within it. Its themes deal heavily with perception, demonstrating how our own preconceived ideas can lead us to our own destruction. The ending is particularly shocking, proving that nothing is as it seems and forcing viewers to confront their own biases. In The Tall Grass is an ambitious, brilliant horror which rewards viewers who have the courage to face its challenges.

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