Incident In A Ghostland Explained
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Incident In A Ghostland Explained

Incident in a Ghostland is a 2018 horror film written and directed by Pascal Laugier. The film stars Mylène Farmer, Emilia Jones, and Taylor Hickson as its lead characters. It follows the story of Pauline and her two daughters as they are terrorized by a malevolent spirit while staying in an old, haunted house. The film examines themes of fear and redemption as the family fights to survive. In this article, we will provide an overview of the movie, discuss the characters and their motivations, explore the malevolent spirit and its intentions, and explain the ending.

Overview of the Movie

An overview of the movie gives a comprehensive understanding of the plot and characters. Incident in a Ghostland is a 2018 horror-thriller film directed by Pascal Laugier. The film follows the story of sisters, Beth and Vera, and their mother, Pauline, as they are terrorized by unknown assailants in a decrepit and isolated house. The film delves into the psychological trauma of the sisters and the family dynamics that arise in the aftermath of this incident. It is an exploration of how these characters cope with fear and terror, as well as the shocking revelations that occur when the truth of the situation is revealed. The film is a psychological horror-thriller with a focus on the effects of the trauma and family dynamics. It has intense, suspenseful scenes that build up to a tense climax. The film also employs surreal imagery and dream-like sequences to emphasize the psychological state of the characters. With its unique blend of horror and psychological drama, Incident in a Ghostland is an intense exploration of family dynamics and psychological trauma.

Pauline and Her Daughters

Pauline and her daughters arrive in a mysterious land, where they must confront their fears in order to survive. The land they arrive in is a place of trauma triggers, as they soon encounter a number of frightening and dangerous figures. As they try to make sense of their environment, Pauline and her daughters must also confront their own personal traumas and post traumatic stress. Pauline’s daughters, Beth and Vera, have both experienced traumatic events in the past, and their fear and distress quickly become apparent as they struggle to cope with the strange and dangerous world they find themselves in. Despite their fear, the three of them are determined to survive and find their way out of the land. They must rely on each other for strength and comfort as they navigate their way through the unfamiliar terrain, facing danger and uncertainty at every turn.

The Malevolent Spirit

The presence of a malevolent spirit further complicates the journey of Pauline and her daughters, introducing a new level of danger to their environment. This malevolent spirit, a demonic entity, manifests itself in a haunted house, bringing with it a feeling of dread and terror that the family is unable to escape. The malevolent spirit is described as a powerful presence that threatens both the physical and the psychological safety of the family. The spirit is seemingly capable of manipulating the environment, including the physical layout of the house, to instill fear and chaos in its inhabitants. The spirit also has the ability to project its own thoughts and feelings onto the family, causing them to experience a range of emotions that range from terror to confusion. In addition, the spirit also has the ability to manipulate the family’s perception of time, creating a feeling of being trapped in a never-ending nightmare. While the family is able to eventually overcome the malevolent spirit, they are left with a greater understanding of the power of fear and the importance of facing it in order to move forward.

Themes of Fear and Redemption

Through their experience with the malevolent spirit, Pauline and her daughters come to understand the power of fear and the possibility of redemption. The film Incident in Ghostland examines how traumatic memories and survivor’s guilt can shape a person’s understanding of the world. Pauline’s past experiences with a malevolent spirit drive her to protect her daughters at all costs. Her protective nature is deeply rooted in her traumatic memories of the past and her guilt for not being able to protect them. Pauline’s desperate attempts to protect her daughters from the spirit are a testament to the power of fear.

However, the film also highlights the possibility for redemption. Pauline’s daughters ultimately come to understand the spirit and its motivations, providing them with a sense of closure. This allows them to free themselves from the fear and guilt that has been weighing on them and move forward with their lives. In this way, the film conveys an important message about the power of fear and the possibility for redemption.

The Ending Explained

In the film’s finale, the power of fear and the possibility of redemption are dramatically revealed. Beth and Vera, the two main characters, have been through a traumatic experience and have faced off against their inner demons and the physical manifestation of those demons. After a long and difficult battle, Beth and Vera are able to escape the estate and make their way to freedom. Throughout their journey, they are faced with difficult decisions that test their mental health and resilience. Vera is able to come up with a plan that allows them to escape, but also allows them to confront their fears and redeem themselves. In the end, Beth and Vera are able to defeat their inner demons and escape the estate. The power of fear and the possibility of redemption are clearly demonstrated in the film’s finale.


The film Incident in a Ghostland is a horror movie that follows the story of Pauline and her daughters, Beth and Vera. The family encounter a malevolent spirit that haunts their home, resulting in a terrifying ordeal. The film’s themes of fear and redemption are explored through the characters’ experiences. In the end, the family manages to find a way to overcome the spirit and escape from the house. Ultimately, the film serves as a reminder that fear can be conquered through courage and hope. By showing that redemption is possible, the film offers hope for viewers who may be struggling with their own personal fears. Incident in a Ghostland is a gripping movie that offers a powerful message of courage and resilience in the face of fear.

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