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“It Follows” is a 2014 horror film, directed by David Robert Mitchell. The movie follows the story of Jay, a young college student who finds herself pursued by a supernatural entity after having sexual intercourse. This film has been widely praised for its unique take on the horror genre, as well as its cinematography and soundtrack.

The movie’s premise is based on the concept of a sexually transmitted curse that can only be passed on through sexual contact. It’s an interesting approach to horror storytelling, as it combines both psychological and supernatural elements to create a sense of dread and unease. The film’s visual style is also noteworthy, with long takes, slow pans, and an overall sense of unease that helps to build suspense throughout the narrative. Overall, “It Follows” is a compelling horror film that stands out from the crowd with its fresh take on traditional horror tropes.

David Robert Mitchell’s Unique Vision

David Robert Mitchell’s Unique Vision is on full display in this haunting and thought-provoking film. The director’s exploration of symbolism is particularly noteworthy, as he weaves together various motifs throughout the narrative to create a rich tapestry of meaning. From the recurring image of a mysterious woman with supernatural abilities to the use of color and lighting to convey mood and emotion, Mitchell’s attention to detail is impressive.

The film’s analysis of character development is also a highlight, as each member of the ensemble cast undergoes a significant transformation over the course of the story. While some characters are more fully realized than others, all contribute to the overall thematic resonance of the film. With its dreamlike atmosphere and enigmatic plot, David Robert Mitchell’s latest work is sure to leave audiences pondering long after they leave the theater.

The Concept Of The Sexually Transmitted Curse

David Robert Mitchell’s unique vision is further amplified by his exploration of the sexually transmitted curse in “It Follows”. The concept of a curse being passed on through sexual intercourse is not new to horror movies, but the way Mitchell presents it is fresh and original. He uses this plot device to explore the consequences of sexual activity, making a societal commentary on the importance of safe sex.

The curse, once contracted, starts with an entity that follows the victim relentlessly until it kills them. However, one could pass it on by having sex with someone else. This creates a complex web of characters that are all affected by the curse and adds another layer of tension to an already suspenseful movie. Through this concept, Mitchell explores how one’s actions can have dire consequences not only for themselves but also for others. It serves as a powerful reminder that our choices can have far-reaching effects and we must be responsible for them.

Furthermore, “It Follows” can also be seen as a societal commentary on how sexual promiscuity can lead to negative outcomes. The curse in the movie could be interpreted as a metaphor for sexually transmitted diseases or unwanted pregnancies resulting from casual sex. By using horror elements to tackle such themes, Mitchell creates a thought-provoking and engaging movie that goes beyond its genre conventions. Overall, “It Follows” is an innovative take on horror that offers social commentary while still delivering scares and thrills to its audience.

The Psychology Of Fear

The Psychology of Fear is a fascinating subject that has been explored in various forms of media, including film. It is intriguing to see how movies can evoke fear and terror in viewers through the power of imagination. Horror films, for instance, often exploit common fears and anxieties such as the fear of the unknown, loss of control, or death. By tapping into these primal emotions, filmmakers can create a visceral experience that lingers long after the credits roll.

The cultural influences on fear are also worth examining. Different cultures have their own unique fears and superstitions that are often reflected in their respective horror films. For example, Japanese horror films like The Ring and Ju-On: The Grudge feature vengeful spirits known as Onryō who seek revenge on those who wronged them in life. These spirits embody traditional Japanese beliefs about death and the afterlife which may be unfamiliar to Western audiences but still manage to elicit fear nonetheless. Overall, understanding the psychology behind fear can enhance our appreciation of horror movies and provide insight into why we are drawn to them despite their frightening nature.

Supernatural Elements

As the movie progresses, we are introduced to a world with supernatural elements that add to the overall intrigue of the plot. The use of these supernatural elements is not merely for the sake of adding an extra layer of mystery; rather, they play a significant role in exploring the consequences of actions taken by both mortals and immortals alike.

One notable aspect of the movie is its incorporation of mythological origins. We see characters who are based on legendary figures from Greek mythology, such as Perseus and Medusa. These elements not only add depth to the story but also give us a glimpse into ancient beliefs and traditions. By blending these mythological aspects seamlessly into the plot, it adds credibility to the fantastical elements of the story and makes it feel more grounded in reality. Overall, these supernatural elements provide an intriguing backdrop to explore deeper themes within human nature and mythology.

Cinematography And Soundtrack

With supernatural elements at the core of its plot, “It Follows” manages to create a sense of unease that is both palpable and sustained throughout the film. The way in which the curse is passed from person to person via sexual contact, and the fact that only the cursed individual can see their pursuer, adds an extra layer of terror to an already terrifying concept. The use of innovative techniques such as long takes and slow pans creates a feeling of claustrophobia and heightens the suspense. Furthermore, the choice to never reveal exactly what “it” is or where it comes from leaves viewers with a sense of ambiguity that lingers long after the credits roll.

Apart from its supernatural elements, “It Follows” also boasts an impressive orchestral score. Composed by Disasterpeace, the soundtrack perfectly complements the eerie atmosphere of the film. The use of simple yet haunting melodies, coupled with electronic sounds and distorted basslines, creates a unique sonic landscape that stays with you even after you leave the theater. One standout track is “Heels,” which features a pulsing beat overlaid with ethereal vocals that are equal parts beautiful and unsettling. Overall, Disasterpeace’s score adds another layer of dread to an already chilling film.

The combination of innovative techniques and a haunting orchestral score elevates “It Follows” beyond your typical horror flick. From start to finish, this movie delivers on its promise to keep audiences on edge. Whether it’s through its inventive cinematography or spine-chilling soundtrack, “It Follows” proves itself to be a standout example within the genre.

Building Suspense And Tension

The tension in “It Follows” is palpable from the opening scene. The use of silence creates an eerie and unsettling atmosphere, building anticipation for what’s to come. Director David Robert Mitchell expertly utilizes this technique throughout the film, leaving moments of quiet that are almost deafening in their intensity.

As the plot progresses, Mitchell also skillfully builds suspense through his camera work and pacing. The slow and deliberate movements of the entity that follows Jay heighten our sense of dread, as we wait with bated breath for it to strike. Every shot is carefully crafted to increase our anxiety, making us constantly question what might be lurking just out of frame. By the time we reach the climax, we are on edge, unsure of what will happen next but certain that it will be terrifying.

The combination of these techniques makes “It Follows” a masterclass in creating tension and suspense in horror films. It’s rare to see a movie that can keep viewers on edge from start to finish, but Mitchell has achieved exactly that with this modern classic.

A Fresh Take On Traditional Horror Tropes

As horror movies continue to dominate the film industry, it has become increasingly challenging for filmmakers to balance relevance and originality. Horror tropes such as jump scares, creepy dolls, and haunted houses have become so familiar that they no longer induce fear in viewers. Yet, at the same time, a complete departure from these tropes could result in an audience feeling disconnected or uninterested.

However, some recent horror films have managed to offer a fresh take on traditional horror tropes while also addressing societal implications. For example, the 2017 film “Get Out” explores themes of racism and cultural appropriation through its use of a classic horror trope: the isolated and eerie suburban neighborhood. By weaving these social issues into the storyline, “Get Out” adds a layer of depth that elevates it beyond just another horror movie. In conclusion, incorporating relevant societal implications while still keeping in mind the importance of originality when using traditional horror tropes can lead to successful and thought-provoking films.


David Robert Mitchell’s “It Follows” is a unique and refreshing take on traditional horror tropes. The film explores the concept of a sexually transmitted curse, where the victim is relentlessly pursued by an unknown entity until they pass it on to someone else. Mitchell’s direction effectively builds suspense and tension through the use of cinematography and soundtrack, creating a palpable sense of fear throughout.

The psychological aspects of the film are also noteworthy, as the characters grapple with their own mortality and the consequences of their actions. Supernatural elements are used sparingly but effectively, adding to the overall atmosphere of dread. In all, “It Follows” is a well-crafted horror film that offers something new to the genre while still paying homage to its roots.

In conclusion, “It Follows” is an impressive achievement in horror cinema. David Robert Mitchell’s unique vision and execution provide a fresh take on traditional tropes, resulting in a genuinely frightening experience for audiences. The film’s use of suspenseful techniques, psychological exploration, and supernatural elements come together to create an unsettling atmosphere that lingers long after the credits roll. For those looking for a different kind of horror movie that still manages to deliver scares, “It Follows” is not to be missed.

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