Kandahar Movie Review
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Kandahar Movie Review

Kandahar is a geopolitically-inspired action thriller directed by Mitchell LaFortune and released in 2023. Starring Gerard Butler as Tom Harris, an elite CIA operative, the film follows Harris’s mission to blow up an underground nuclear power plant in Afghanistan. Produced by Open Road Films, the movie is a throwback to the Tom Clancy-inspired thrillers of the 1990s. The story follows Harris as he embarks on a 30-hour survival mission through hostile Taliban-occupied territory, and this review will explore the movie’s tight script and action sequences. With a strong cast and a compelling story, Kandahar is sure to be an exciting watch for audiences.

Key Takeaways

  • Gerard Butler plays an elite CIA operative named Tom Harris who is tasked with blowing up a nuclear power plant in Taliban-occupied Afghanistan.
  • The movie is a throwback to the kind of Tom Clancy-inspired geopolitical thrillers of the 1990s, and the writing is sharp with a tight script from Mitchell LaFortune.
  • While the action sequences may leave something to be desired, the exploration of terrorist coalitions divided on racial, gender, and strategic issues is one of the more interesting parts of the film.
  • Kandahar is an Open Road Films release now playing in theaters, and the review from Daily Headlines gives the movie a grade of B.

Gerard Butler

Starring as an elite CIA operative, Gerard Butler portrays Tom Harris, a former MI6 agent, in the throwback geopolitical thriller ‘Kandahar’, providing a nuanced performance of a man devoted to his job yet struggling to maintain his personal life. Butler’s performance is highlighted by his interactions with other characters in the movie, allowing Harris’ character development to shine through. His on screen chemistry with other cast members allows the audience to become invested in the character’s journey, making the action scenes more intense and engaging. The critical reception of the movie has been positive, with many praising Butler’s performance and how it adds complexity to the story.

Tom Clancy-Inspired

Gerard Butler’s portrayal of an elite CIA operative in the throwback geopolitical thriller Kandahar is reminiscent of the Tom Clancy-inspired films of the 1990s. With Harris’ undercover work being an essential part of the agency’s plan to identify and blow up underground nuclear weapons facilities in Iran, the movie combines geopolitical intrigue with espionage tactics and military strategy to create an engaging narrative. It also showcases the complexity of political alliances and the need for covert operations as Harris negotiates his way through hostile Taliban-occupied territory. The movie is a throwback to the kind of Tom Clancy-inspired geopolitical thrillers from the 1990s and is sure to entertain viewers who crave a thrilling story of geopolitical intrigue and covert operations.

Open Road Films

Open Road Films’ release of Kandahar is a captivating throwback to the Tom Clancy-inspired geopolitical thrillers of the 1990s, offering a thrilling story of espionage and covert operations. Upon its release, the film was met with wide critical acclaim and a successful box office run. The film was strategically distributed across various film festivals and had an effective marketing campaign, which helped to draw in more viewers. As a result, Kandahar was able to become a box office success and become one of the more talked about films of the year. As a result of the film’s success, Open Road Films was able to establish itself as a major player in the film industry. The success of Kandahar showed that the studio could produce and distribute successful films that appealed to a wide variety of audiences.

Mitchell LaFortune

Writer Mitchell LaFortune crafted a tight script for the geopolitical thriller, Kandahar, offering a captivating exploration of the way terrorist coalitions can be divided on racial, gender, and strategic issues. His impactful writing style utilized his real life experience to develop the narrative and his thriller techniques to craft a captivating script that was sure to keep the audience glued to their seats. LaFortune’s impressive script development and narrative craftsmanship make Kandahar a must-see movie for fans of the genre. His ability to draw on his experience to create an engaging story that will leave audiences wanting more is what makes LaFortune a master of the thriller genre.

Action and Substance

The captivating script of Kandahar balances thrilling action sequences with meaningful substance, creating a riveting narrative that is sure to capture the attention of viewers. Former special ops agent Mitchell LaFortune wrote the tight script, combining action and substance in a way that is both entertaining and thought-provoking. The movie showcases a number of thrilling action sequences that are balanced with meaningful substance, allowing the audience to feel the thrills while being engaged with the story. The pacing of the movie is also expertly handled as the movie does not sacrifice depth for the sake of spectacle. The exploration of the way terrorist coalitions can be divided on racial, gender, and strategic issues is one of the more interesting parts of the film, and provides an additional layer of depth to the story. Kandahar stands out as an example of how a movie can provide thrills and meaning, and is sure to be a hit with viewers.


Kandahar succeeds in providing a thrilling and suspenseful experience. The action sequences are well-crafted, and the script is tightly written to provide a compelling narrative. Mitchell LaFortune has crafted a film that is faithful to the Tom Clancy-inspired action thrillers of the 1990s. Despite its occasionally heavy-handed patriotism, Kandahar still provides an exciting and entertaining ride. The performances from Gerard Butler, as well as the supporting cast, are excellent and showcase the talent of the actors involved. With its thrilling action and compelling story, Kandahar is a must-see for fans of this genre and is sure to be a hit with audiences.

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