Metroid Dread Game Review
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Metroid Dread Game Review

Metroid Dread is the latest installment in the long-running Metroid series which is the basis of our Metroid Dread game review—developed by Nintendo. Franchise fans have hotly anticipated the game, as it marks the first new 2D Metroid game in over 19 years. The game follows bounty hunter Samus Aran as she investigates a mysterious signal coming from the planet ZDR and discovers a new threat in the form of deadly robots called E.M.M.I.

The gameplay of Metroid Dread is classic Metroid: players explore interconnected levels, uncovering new abilities that allow them to access previously inaccessible areas. The addition of the E.M.M.I. robots adds a new element of danger and tension to the game, as players must stealthily avoid these powerful enemies or risk being caught in their deadly grasp. The graphics are stunning, with detailed environments and character models that bring the world of ZDR to life. Overall, Metroid Dread is a worthy addition to the Metroid series and a must-play for fans of 2D platformers and action-adventure games.

The Return Of Samus Aran

Samus Aran is back in the latest installment of the Metroid series, Metroid Dread. The legendary bounty hunter returns with her iconic armor suit and a new mission to stop the X Parasites from wreaking havoc. Fans of the series will be pleased to know that Samus’ character has undergone some development since her last appearance in Metroid: Fusion. She is more mature and experienced, reflecting her years of battling space pirates and other intergalactic threats.

Metroid Dread also plays a vital role in the Metroid timeline. It is a direct sequel to Metroid Fusion, continuing the story of Samus’ battle against the X Parasites. This game also introduces new mechanics and features, adding a fresh take on classic gameplay elements. Overall, Metroid Dread promises to be an exciting addition to the franchise for both longtime fans and newcomers alike.

A New Threat: E.M.M.I. Robots

In the previous section, we discussed the return of Samus Aran and how her character has evolved over the years. Now, let’s delve into one of the biggest challenges she faces in Metroid Dread: the E.M.M.I. robots.

These machines are a new threat that players must navigate carefully. Their behavior is unpredictable and can change at any moment. They patrol certain areas and will attack sight if they detect Samus. Players must use all their wits to avoid them or risk being eliminated quickly. The E.M.M.I.’s powerful cloaking ability makes it difficult to evade them, but players can use their cloaking device to hide from them temporarily. Additionally, players can use specific weapons to stun them and create an opportunity for escape. Regarding strategy, timing is everything when dealing with these robots, as players need to quickly assess their surroundings and determine the best course of action before they’re detected.

As players progress through Metroid Dread, they’ll encounter more challenging E.M.M.I.s that require even more precise strategies to overcome. These robots add an extra layer of difficulty to an already complex game. However, mastering their behavior is essential for progressing in the game world. With careful planning and quick reflexes, players can overcome this obstacle and continue their journey through this thrilling adventure game experience.

Classic Metroid Gameplay

The classic gameplay of the Metroid series is back and better than ever in Metroid Dread. Players will once again take on the role of Samus Aran, exploring the labyrinthine environments of various planets while battling against various alien creatures. The top-notch exploration mechanics allow players to traverse through interconnected areas easily. Each area has its unique atmosphere and secrets to discover, encouraging players to explore every nook and cranny carefully.

The power-up progression in Metroid Dread is also worth mentioning. As players explore new areas and defeat bosses, they will gain access to new abilities to reach previously inaccessible areas. This adds a sense of satisfaction as players backtrack through areas with newfound powers and allows for non-linear exploration as players can choose which paths to take based on their current abilities. Overall, the classic Metroid gameplay in Metroid Dread is a standout feature that fans will surely appreciate.

Uncovering New Abilities

After experiencing the classic Metroid gameplay, players can uncover new abilities in Metroid Dread. These abilities are crucial to progressing through the game’s story and exploring environments. Samus, the main protagonist, will gain access to new weapons and tools that allow her to traverse previously inaccessible areas.

Exploring environments is a significant part of Metroid Dread. Players are encouraged to take their time and explore each area thoroughly to find hidden secrets and upgrades. The game’s map system provides a helpful guide, but players must still use their wits and intuition to uncover its secrets. Additionally, combat mechanics have been improved in this latest installment of the Metroid series. Samus’ new abilities allow for more dynamic combat with enemies with unique challenges. Overall, uncovering new abilities enhances the player’s experience and immerses them further into the world of Metroid Dread.

As players journey through Metroid Dread, they will encounter even more exciting environments to explore and challenging enemies to defeat. The game’s combination of exploration and combat creates an immersive experience that will engage players for hours. With its new abilities, players will feel empowered as they progress through the game’s story. The world-building of Metroid Dread excels at creating a believable universe filled with danger around every corner.

Stealth And Tension

The stealth and tension in Metroid Dread are two game mechanics that make it an enjoyable experience. The level design adds to the overall tension by creating a feeling of danger throughout the game. The player must use their wits and abilities to navigate the levels while avoiding enemies and obstacles.

The stealth aspect is executed well, with players having to maneuver through levels to avoid enemy detection carefully. The game’s sound design also significantly creates tension, as players can hear their enemies coming from afar. The level design is impressive, with many areas requiring players to utilize their abilities to progress. Overall, combining these elements creates a thrilling experience that keeps players on edge throughout the game.

Stunning Graphics

The stealth and tension elements of Metroid Dread are undoubtedly impressive, but what truly elevates the game to new heights is its stunning graphics. The artistic design and technical achievement on display are nothing short of breathtaking, immersing players in a world that feels as if it could be real. The attention to detail is staggering, with every texture and animation created with care and precision.

The impact on immersion and player experience cannot be overstated. From the lush plant life to the mechanical enemies, every aspect of Metroid Dread’s visuals draws players in and makes them feel like they are genuinely exploring an alien planet. The use of lighting and shadows also adds to the tension, making players feel like unseen predators are constantly watching them. These graphics are not just impressive from a technical standpoint; they enhance the gameplay experience in a way few other games can match.

Metroid Dread’s graphics are a testament to what can be achieved when artistic design meets technical prowess. They create an immersive world that players will want to explore for hours, drawing them deeper into the game’s narrative and gameplay mechanics. Metroid Dread is an absolute must-play title for anyone looking for a game that is as visually stunning as it is thrilling to play.

Final Verdict: A Must-Play Game For Fans Of The Franchise

The gameplay mechanics in Metroid Dread are a standout feature of the game. The controls are smooth and responsive, allowing for precise movements and actions. Players will feel empowered as they explore the intricate levels, using Samus’s abilities to their fullest potential. The puzzles and challenges throughout the game are well-designed, requiring players to think creatively and strategically to progress. One imposing aspect is the seamless integration of combat and platforming elements, creating a cohesive and engaging experience.

Storyline development is another area where Metroid Dread excels. The narrative is expertly crafted, with twists and turns that keep players invested in the story until the end. As Samus explores the mysterious planet ZDR, she uncovers secrets about her past and the history of the alien civilization that once inhabited the planet. The story’s pacing is well-balanced, with intense action interspersed with quieter moments of exploration and discovery. Overall, Metroid Dread is a must-play game for fans of the franchise, who will appreciate its exceptional gameplay mechanics and engaging storyline development.


Metroid Dread marks the return of Samus Aran in a thrilling adventure filled with classic Metroid gameplay and new features that will satisfy fans of the franchise. Introducing the E.M.M.I. robots adds a new level of tension as players must navigate through stealth sections to avoid detection. Uncovering new abilities enhances gameplay and creates an immersive experience.

The stunning graphics and attention to detail bring the world of Metroid Dread to life, making it a must-play game for fans of the series. Players will be engulfed in a world full of challenges, exploration, and danger from beginning to end. With its classic gameplay and innovative features, Metroid Dread will leave a lasting impression on both old and new fans.

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