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Risen is a film that takes us back to the time of Jesus Christ, portraying the events surrounding his crucifixion and resurrection. Directed by Kevin Reynolds, this movie offers a fresh perspective on one of the most significant events in Christianity.

Risen follows the story of Clavius (Joseph Fiennes), a Roman Tribune tasked with finding the body of Jesus, which mysteriously disappeared from its tomb after his crucifixion. The movie offers an interesting take on what happened after Jesus’ death, delving into the mystery surrounding his disappearance and the impact it had on those who witnessed it.

The story is told from Clavius’ point of view, offering a unique perspective on what it would have been like for a non-believer to witness such an event. With stunning visuals and powerful performances from the cast, Risen is a must-watch for anyone interested in biblical history or looking for a thought-provoking film that explores faith and belief in new ways.

The Plot Of Risen

Risen is a movie that delves into the religious implications of one of the most significant events in Christianity – the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Directed by Kevin Reynolds, this film follows Clavius, a Roman military tribune who is tasked with investigating the disappearance of Jesus’ body from his tomb.

The plot takes an interesting turn when Clavius, a non-believer in Christ’s divinity, becomes entangled in a journey of self-discovery and faith. One notable aspect of Risen is its emphasis on historical accuracy. The film successfully recreates the setting and atmosphere of first-century Judea, bringing to life the people and culture of that time period.

From the language spoken to the clothes worn, every detail seems to have been carefully researched and executed. This attention to historical detail adds an element of realism to the story’s portrayal of events surrounding Christ’s death and resurrection. Overall, Risen offers an intriguing perspective on one of Christianity’s most significant events while staying true to its historical roots.

The Perspective Of A Non-Believer

As someone who doesn’t believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ, it was interesting to watch Risen from an atheist viewpoint.

The film follows the story of a Roman tribune named Clavius who is tasked with finding the missing body of Jesus after his crucifixion.

Throughout the movie, we see Clavius’ character development as he goes from being a skeptic to a believer.

One thing that stood out to me was how the filmmakers portrayed Clavius’ journey towards faith.

It wasn’t sudden or forced, but rather a gradual process that felt authentic and believable.

This made it easier for me as a non-believer to connect with his character and understand his thought process.

Overall, Risen presents an intriguing perspective on faith and belief that is worth exploring even for those who don’t share those beliefs themselves.

The Impact Of Jesus’ Disappearance

Without Jesus, the disciples were lost and confused. They had invested so much time and energy into following him, believing he was the Messiah who would bring salvation to their people. But then he was crucified, and they thought it was all over.

The impact of Jesus’ disappearance is felt throughout the entire movie. The disciples scatter and try to make sense of what has happened, but without their leader, they struggle to find purpose or direction.

Meanwhile, the Roman investigation into Jesus’ death continues, with Pilate determined to quell any uprisings that may arise from his followers. It’s a tense and uncertain time for everyone involved.

The film does an excellent job of portraying the emotional turmoil experienced by the disciples.

The Roman investigation adds a layer of political tension that keeps viewers on edge.

The absence of Jesus also highlights how much he meant to his followers and how lost they feel without him.

It’s interesting to see how different characters react to this situation – some turn to violence while others try to keep the peace.

Overall, the impact of Jesus’ disappearance is one of confusion, fear, and uncertainty.

Visuals And Cinematography

The stunning visuals and masterful use of color in Risen are enough to take your breath away.

From the opening sequence, I was captivated by the way the filmmakers used vibrant hues to set the mood and tone of each scene.

The warm oranges and yellows during joyful moments contrasted with cool blues and greens during darker scenes made me feel as though I was right there experiencing it all alongside the characters.

The camera angles were also expertly crafted, adding depth and dimension to every shot.

Whether we were following Clavius on his journey or watching from a distance as pivotal events unfolded, each angle served a purpose in advancing the story.

The film’s use of close-ups during emotional moments drew me further into the story, making me feel like I was a part of each character’s journey.

Overall, Risen’s visuals are nothing short of breathtaking, leaving a lasting impression on anyone who watches it.

Themes Of Faith And Belief

The themes of faith and belief are prevalent throughout Risen.

The film follows the journey of a Roman centurion named Clavius, who is tasked with investigating the disappearance of Jesus’ body after his crucifixion.

As he delves deeper into the mystery, Clavius begins to question his own beliefs and becomes conflicted between his duty to Rome and his growing curiosity about Jesus.

Risen does an excellent job of exploring doubt and the search for truth.

It raises questions about what it means to have faith, and whether or not it can be found in tangible evidence.

The movie also touches upon the idea of redemption, as Clavius undergoes a transformation that has him reconsidering everything he once held true.

Overall, Risen is a thought-provoking film that will leave audiences reflecting on their own beliefs and what they hold dear.

The struggle between faith and duty.

The importance of questioning one’s beliefs.

The impact of encountering something outside of one’s worldview.

The journey towards redemption.

How personal beliefs can affect professional choices.

The balance between personal morality and societal expectations in decision making.


In conclusion, Risen is a powerful and thought-provoking film that explores the events surrounding Jesus’ resurrection from a unique perspective.

As a non-believer myself, I found the story to be engaging and the characters to be well-developed.

The film’s use of stunning visuals and cinematography adds to the overall impact of the story, making it an immersive experience for viewers.

Additionally, themes of faith and belief are woven throughout the film in a way that is respectful and not preachy.

Overall, Risen is a must-see movie for anyone interested in exploring the historical events surrounding Jesus’ resurrection from a fresh perspective.

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