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The Mummy is a 2017 American action-adventure horror film directed by Alex Kurtzman and written by David Koepp, Christopher McQuarrie, and Dylan Kussman. The movie is a reboot of the original 1932 film of the same name and follows the story of an ancient princess who is awakened from her crypt beneath the desert after centuries of being dormant. With Tom Cruise in the lead role, this movie promises to be an exciting blend of action, thrills, and horror.

The Mummy has received mixed reviews from critics since its release. Some have praised it for its stunning visuals and intense action sequences while others have criticized it for being too predictable and lacking in substance. As a movie critic, I will be analyzing the film’s strengths and weaknesses to determine if it lives up to its hype as a thrilling summer blockbuster or falls short of expectations.

The Plot And Characters

Exploring the storyline of “The Mummy,” the movie revolves around an ancient Egyptian princess named Ahmanet, who was mummified alive after making a pact with Set, the god of death. The story opens up in Iraq, where an archaeologist named Nick Morton (played by Tom Cruise) and his partner Chris Vail (played by Jake Johnson) accidentally discover Ahmanet’s tomb. After freeing her from her crypt, they soon realize that they have unleashed a powerful curse that could destroy humanity. With the help of Jenny Halsey (played by Annabelle Wallis), an archaeologist who has studied Ahmanet’s history extensively, Nick embarks on a mission to stop the mummified princess from wreaking havoc on Earth.

Character development is one of the key features of “The Mummy.” Throughout the course of the movie, we see how Nick Morton transforms from being a selfish thief to becoming a hero who is willing to sacrifice everything to save humanity. We also witness Jenny’s journey as she discovers her true potential and becomes a strong and independent woman. The villainous character of Ahmanet is portrayed brilliantly by Sofia Boutella, who manages to evoke fear and sympathy at the same time. Overall, “The Mummy” offers an engaging plot with well-developed characters that keep viewers hooked till the very end.

The Visual Effects And Cinematography

The Visual Effects and Cinematography in ‘The Mummy’ are undoubtedly the standout elements of the movie. The special effects team did an exceptional job in creating a sense of awe and wonder, especially during the scenes that take place inside the tomb. The CGI rendering of the mummies is also impressive, with their grotesque appearance adding to the horror element of the film.

Furthermore, the set design deserves praise for its attention to detail. From the ancient tombs to bustling streets of London, each location feels authentic and adds to the overall atmosphere of the movie. The use of practical effects such as dust and smoke further enhance this realism. Overall, ‘The Mummy’ may fall short in other areas but its visual effects and cinematography are definitely worth experiencing on a big screen.

The Action And Thrills

The Action and Thrills in The Mummy are a mixed bag. While the stunt sequences are impressive and well-executed, they fail to leave a lasting impact on the viewer. The pacing of the movie also suffers during these action scenes, with moments of intense action followed by lulls in excitement that can make the audience lose interest.

Despite this, there are still some standout moments in The Mummy’s action scenes. The chase through the streets of London is particularly thrilling, with some impressive practical effects and stunts that keep the audience on the edge of their seats. However, these moments are few and far between, and ultimately do not save the film from feeling lackluster in terms of its action and thrills. Overall, while there are certainly some enjoyable moments to be had in The Mummy’s action scenes, they ultimately fall short of delivering the heart-pumping excitement that audiences may be looking for in an adventure movie.

The Horror Elements

Jump scares are a staple in horror movies, and The Mummy does not disappoint in that aspect. From the very first scene, the audience is thrown into a world of terror as the mummy’s curse takes effect, leading to many heart-stopping moments throughout the film. These jump scares are particularly effective due to the movie’s sound design and use of music, which help build tension and create an eerie atmosphere.

Speaking of atmosphere, The Mummy excels in creating a sense of dread and foreboding throughout its runtime. The movie’s setting in ancient Egypt adds an exotic and mysterious feel to the proceedings, while the dark, shadowy cinematography enhances the ominous mood. The use of practical effects for certain scenes also adds to the authenticity of the horror elements. Ultimately, The Mummy delivers a thrilling horror experience that will leave audiences on edge from start to finish.

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The Performances Of The Cast

The performances of the cast in The Mummy were a mixed bag. While some actors delivered memorable performances, others fell flat. Tom Cruise, who played the protagonist Nick Morton, failed to create a connection with the audience due to his underdeveloped character. Although Annabelle Wallis had potential as an archaeologist and love interest, her character lacked depth and nuance.

One standout actor was Sofia Boutella, who portrayed the ancient Egyptian princess Ahmanet. Despite being underutilized in terms of screen time, Boutella managed to bring a menacing presence to her role. Russell Crowe also gave a notable performance as Dr. Henry Jekyll, adding complexity to his character’s split personality disorder. Overall, while there were some strong performances from the cast of The Mummy, the lack of character development hindered their ability to fully shine on screen.

Without a doubt, The Mummy could have benefited from better written characters that allowed the actors more room for creativity and exploration. Nonetheless, those who did succeed at bringing depth and intrigue to their roles deserve credit for elevating an otherwise mediocre film into something slightly above average.

The Reception And Criticisms

The reception of “The Mummy” was mixed, with both positive and negative criticisms from the audience and critics alike. The film had a worldwide box office gross of $409.2 million, making it a commercial success. However, audience ratings on Rotten Tomatoes were only 15%, indicating that the majority of viewers did not enjoy the film.

Critics had similar opinions about “The Mummy,” with many praising the visual effects and action sequences but criticizing the weak plot and lack of character development. Some also felt that the film relied too heavily on humor to carry the story, resulting in a disjointed tone. Overall, while “The Mummy” may have performed well at the box office, it failed to impress both audiences and critics in terms of storytelling and character development.

Final Verdict: Is The Mummy Worth Watching?

The Mummy is a movie that has been highly anticipated by fans of Universal Monster films, and those who are curious about the modern retelling of the classic horror story. While the movie features impressive special effects, captivating action scenes, and a solid performance from its lead actor Tom Cruise, it falls short in delivering a cohesive plot and engaging characters. The story lacks depth and feels rushed, leaving little room for character development or emotional investment from the audience.

Despite its shortcomings, The Mummy may still be worth watching for those who are looking for an entertaining action-adventure film. However, with its lackluster box office performance and lukewarm critical reception, it remains to be seen how this movie will impact future Universal Monster films. It is clear that the studio had high hopes for this movie to launch their shared monster universe franchise but whether or not they will continue with their plans remains uncertain. Overall, while The Mummy may not be a complete failure as a movie, it fails to live up to expectations and falls short in delivering a memorable cinematic experience.

The fate of future Universal Monster films hangs in the balance as audiences weigh in on this latest installment in the franchise. While some may find enjoyment in The Mummy’s flashy visuals and fast-paced action sequences, others may be left disappointed by its lack of substance. With competition from other successful franchises like Marvel and DC Comics, Universal has a lot riding on their attempt at creating their own shared universe of monsters. Only time will tell if they can deliver movies that captivate audiences and generate box office success similar to their rivals.


“The Mummy” movie, directed by Alex Kurtzman, is a reboot of the 1999 classic starring Brendan Fraser. The plot revolves around an ancient Egyptian princess named Ahmanet (Sofia Boutella) who is awakened from her tomb and seeks to unleash chaos upon the world. Tom Cruise stars as Nick Morton, a soldier who unwittingly becomes involved in her plan.

The film boasts impressive visual effects and cinematography, creating stunning set pieces and action sequences throughout. However, the horror elements fall short of expectations, with predictable jump scares and lackluster suspense. Additionally, while the cast delivers decent performances, their characters lack depth and development.

Overall, “The Mummy” received mixed reviews from critics upon its release. While some praised its thrilling action scenes and Cruise’s performance, others criticized its weak plot and lack of originality. Ultimately, whether or not it’s worth watching depends on one’s personal preferences for action-packed blockbusters versus more nuanced storytelling.

In conclusion, “The Mummy” offers plenty of excitement for fans of action movies thanks to its impressive visuals and thrilling set pieces. However, those seeking a more thought-provoking or horror-centric experience may be disappointed by its lackluster story and underwhelming scares. As a result, it may be best suited for casual viewers looking for a fun popcorn flick rather than die-hard fans of the franchise or genre.

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