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The Nun, a horror movie directed by Corin Hardy, is the fifth installment in The Conjuring universe.

Set in 1952 Romania, the film follows Father Burke (played by Demián Bichir) and Sister Irene (played by Taissa Farmiga) as they investigate the mysterious death of a nun at an isolated abbey.

As they delve deeper into the investigation, they discover dark secrets that threaten their lives.

The Nun has been highly anticipated by fans of The Conjuring universe since it was first announced in 2016.

With its terrifying trailer and eerie atmosphere, audiences were expecting another spine-chilling addition to the franchise.

However, with mixed reviews from critics and fans alike, it remains to be seen whether The Nun lives up to expectations or falls short.

In this review, we will analyze the strengths and weaknesses of this horror flick and determine whether it is worth watching for fans of the genre.

Setting And Atmosphere

The Nun is a horror movie that takes place in Romania during the 1950s. The setting of the film is a gothic castle, which has been converted into a convent. The castle is surrounded by dark forests and misty mountains, creating an eerie atmosphere that sets the tone for the rest of the movie.

The use of gothic architecture in the film adds to this eerie ambiance. The castle’s tall spires, pointed arches, and intricate stonework are all typical features of Gothic architecture, which imbue the building with a sense of grandeur and mystery.

Religious iconography also plays a significant role in setting up the atmosphere of the movie. The convent is filled with religious symbols such as crosses, statues of saints, and stained-glass windows depicting biblical scenes. These symbols create an unnerving feeling because they are usually associated with purity and holiness but are now being used to convey something sinister.

Overall, both gothic architecture and religious iconography contribute to creating an ominous atmosphere that underscores the horror elements present throughout The Nun.

Plot And Characters

The setting and atmosphere in ‘The Nun’ effectively set the tone for a horror film. The dark, gothic scenery of a Romanian abbey, coupled with eerie music and sound effects, created an unsettling ambiance. The use of shadows and lighting techniques added to the suspenseful feeling throughout the movie. Furthermore, the attention to detail in creating the sets and costumes were impressive, giving viewers a sense of being immersed in a different time period.

Moving on to character development, while some characters had potential for growth and depth, they ultimately fell flat. The protagonist, Sister Irene, lacked clear motivations and her backstory was not fully explored. Father Burke also had a lot of potential as a conflicted priest but ultimately failed to deliver any significant character arc. On the other hand, the antagonist Valak was well-developed with a clear motive driving their actions.

Plot twists were scattered throughout the movie but some were predictable while others left unanswered questions.

  • The use of religious iconography added to the horror elements
  • The incorporation of Latin chants added authenticity to the abbey setting
  • Jump scares were effective but overused at times
  • Some scenes dragged on too long causing pacing issues
  • A lack of diversity among characters was noticeable
  • A lack of diversity among characters was noticeable and detracted from the overall inclusivity of the film.

Horror Elements And Scares

As a horror movie, ‘The Nun’ does not disappoint in delivering jump scares and a suspenseful build up. The film effectively uses various elements to create an eerie atmosphere that will keep you on the edge of your seat. From the beginning, the movie sets a tone of unease with its dimly lit settings and ominous music. By playing with shadows and unexpected sounds, ‘The Nun’ creates an unsettling aura that is sure to make your skin crawl.

One of the most effective aspects of this movie is its use of jump scares. These moments come out of nowhere and are expertly timed to keep viewers constantly guessing what might happen next. In one scene, for example, there is a sudden close-up shot of the face of the demonic nun character that will make you jump out of your chair. Overall, if you’re looking for a scary movie experience that will leave you feeling unnerved long after it’s over, ‘The Nun’ delivers in spades.

Effective use of jump scaresSomewhat predictable plot
Great cinematographyWeak character development
Suspenseful build upLackluster ending

‘The Nun’ succeeds as a horror movie by effectively using various elements such as jump scares and suspenseful build ups to create an unnerving atmosphere. While it may have some weaknesses in terms of plot predictability and character development, its strengths more than make up for any shortcomings. With great cinematography and an overall aura of creepiness and dread, this movie is definitely worth watching for anyone who loves a good scare.

Acting And Direction

The acting and direction in ‘The Nun’ were commendable, adding to the overall spooky atmosphere of the film. The main characters were portrayed with depth and nuance, allowing for a stronger connection between the audience and the story. The pacing and timing of the movie were also well done, keeping viewers on edge throughout.

Character development was a strong point in this horror film. Sister Irene, played by Taissa Farmiga, went through a journey of self-discovery as she navigated her way through the eerie setting of an isolated abbey in Romania. Her interactions with Father Burke, played by Demián Bichir, provided insight into their characters’ past experiences and motivations.

Additionally, the sinister presence of Valak made for a formidable antagonist that kept audiences engaged until the very end.

In terms of direction, Corin Hardy did an excellent job creating an ominous atmosphere that permeated every scene. The use of lighting and camera angles enhanced the mood and added to the suspenseful tone of the film. Furthermore, the pacing and timing were well-executed; there were no unnecessary lulls or rushed moments that would take away from immersion in the story.

Overall, both acting and direction contributed to making ‘The Nun’ a solid horror movie experience.

Overall Verdict And Recommendation

The Nun delivers a predictable horror experience that is not entirely satisfying.

The story takes place in Romania during the 1950s, where a young nun and a priest investigate the mysterious suicide of another nun.

As they uncover the dark secrets of an ancient abbey, they encounter supernatural forces that challenge their faith and test their courage.

While the premise has potential, the execution falls short due to its reliance on cliches and jump scares.

Impressions and criticisms aside, The Nun may still appeal to some horror fans who enjoy simple scares without much depth or complexity.

However, for those who seek more substance and originality in their horror films, this one may disappoint.

Audience reception has been mixed, with some praising its atmospheric setting and chilling moments while others criticize its lack of innovation and weak plot.

Ultimately, whether to watch The Nun or not depends on personal preferences and expectations for a horror movie experience.


The Nun is a horror movie that takes place in a remote Romanian abbey. The setting and atmosphere are effective in creating an eerie and foreboding mood that sets the stage for the story to unfold.

The plot follows Father Burke, a priest with a haunted past, and Sister Irene, a novitiate nun, as they investigate the mysterious suicide of one of the abbey’s nuns. As they delve deeper into the abbey’s dark history, they encounter supernatural forces that threaten their lives.

The characters are well-developed and engaging, with Father Burke and Sister Irene anchoring the story with their compelling backstories. However, some supporting characters felt underutilized and could have been given more depth.

The horror elements in The Nun are intense and effectively executed, but some scenes felt predictable or contrived. Despite this, there were several genuinely frightening moments that will leave audiences on edge.

The acting by Demián Bichir (Father Burke), Taissa Farmiga (Sister Irene), and Jonas Bloquet (Frenchie) was solid throughout the film. Corin Hardy’s direction created an immersive experience that kept viewers engaged from start to finish.

Overall, The Nun is an enjoyable horror movie that delivers scares but falls short in certain areas. It may not be groundbreaking or innovative in terms of storytelling or filmmaking techniques but provides entertainment value for those looking for a good horror flick.

In conclusion, The Nun is a decent addition to The Conjuring franchise with its strong characters and creepy atmosphere but falls short in delivering consistent scares and relies too heavily on jump scares at times. Nevertheless, fans of supernatural horror movies will find something to enjoy in this film.

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