The Platform Movie Ending Explained
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The Platform Movie Ending Explained

The Platform is a 2019 Spanish horror/sci-fi film that has gained critical acclaim since its initial release. Focusing on the story of an underground prison, the film has been praised for its unique and thought-provoking narrative. In particular, the movie’s ending has sparked much debate, with many viewers confused and wondering what it all means. This article seeks to explain the various aspects of the movie’s ending, offering insight into why certain events occurred and how they contribute to a more significant theme within the movie.

Overview Of The Movie’s Plot

The movie Platform, directed by Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia, follows a group of prisoners confined in a vertical prison. From the movie’s opening scene, it is clear that this prison system operates on a hierarchical structure where those at the top have access to all the resources while those lower down have limited access. This inequality among prisoners is an allegory for broader issues around social justice and community impact.

The plot follows two protagonists as they navigate the prison’s strict regime and devise a solution to improve their situation. Through their journey, they discover the extent of injustice and poverty within the prison system. The movie touches on themes such as hope, human connection, and greed and ultimately highlights how even small acts of resistance can help bring change. Its powerful message resonates beyond the movie itself, leaving audiences with questions about how we can create more equitable societies in our own communities.

The Power Of Choice

The resolution of the movie Platform highlights the power of free will and moral choices. The ending of the movie is bittersweet, as it suggests that no matter how much one is willing to sacrifice for others, there will always be an element of risk in choosing to make a moral decision. In this case, the protagonist, Zuo Tao, chooses to stay in the platform and fight for her ideals instead of escaping with her friends. Her actions are a stark reminder that when faced with a dilemma, humans must take responsibility for their own decisions and realize that their choices will have consequences.

Zuo Tao’s choice not only sets an example for others but also serves as a warning about the potential dangers of taking risks. In making her decision, she has to accept that she may never see her friends again. Yet she chooses to remain in the platform and use her knowledge and experience to help those who can’t help themselves. Her courage is inspiring and shows us that even in difficult situations we can still make noble choices and strive to do what’s right.

The Meaning Behind The Final Scene

The final scene of Platform is a powerful statement that speaks to the importance of self-awareness and moral decisions in life. It begins with the protagonist, Zhou Cheng, wandering through a post-apocalyptic cityscape in search of his wife, who had gone missing. He eventually finds her and they embrace, highlighting the power of love even in times of great struggle. The pair then walks towards an open door that leads to a bright white light. As they approach it, Zhou Cheng stops and turns away from it, instead choosing to stay with his wife and confront the world’s harsh realities together. This poignant moment has been widely interpreted as symbolizing the need for individuals to make wise moral decisions rather than seeking out easy escapes from difficult situations. Despite their bleak circumstances, Zhou Cheng and his wife have chosen to remain present and face reality together—a choice that carries both emotional and symbolic weight.

Themes Of Social Inequality

The ending of Platform emphasizes the theme of social inequality. The film follows a group of people who are living in an underground world and discovers a sinister plot that is designed to keep them trapped in their environment. Through its narrative, it explores the cultural divides and economic disparities between the privileged and underprivileged classes.

The film presents its characters with two options: accept their fate or fight against it. The protagonists ultimately choose to confront their oppressors, but this leads to a dark conclusion. The film’s final scene serves as a metaphor for the struggles faced by those living in poverty and illustrates how hard it can be to escape from oppressive systems. This offers an important reminder that although progress has been made, more needs to be done to address the structural forces that perpetuate social inequality. Platform serves as a powerful warning about the consequences of unequal power relations and demonstrates how these inequalities can shape our lives.

The Role Of Technology

The exploration of themes of social inequality in the movie ‘Platform’ serves as a powerful reminder of the need to address this issue. It is through this lens that the role of technology must be examined. At its core, ‘Platform’ reveals a stark digital divide that is fueled by AI ethics and further accentuates social inequalities. The use of technology to create a dystopian world where those with access and resources have the ability to manipulate data for their own benefit highlights how advanced technologies can be used as a tool for oppression.

Through its depiction of an oppressive system, ‘Platform’ serves as a warning about what could happen if these issues are not addressed. Through an examination of the movie’s ending, it is clear that if we do not act on the current ethical issues surrounding AI, we risk creating an even wider digital divide and exacerbating existing inequities in our society. The movie does not offer any solutions but instead calls for us to take action before it is too late and reflect on how technology can either perpetuate or reduce social disparities.

Symbolism Of The Number 7

The symbolism of the number 7 plays an important role in the ending of the platform movie. It is omnipresent throughout and serves as a reminder of divine intervention and its parallels to mythology. In particular, it is seen when seven people are left standing on the platform at the end of the movie, representing salvation for those who have been wronged. Additionally, there is a scene where seven mirrors surround a character, symbolizing his enlightenment and journey to redemption.

The significance of this number extends to other aspects of the film as well. Seven people are chosen to be on each level, which emphasizes their importance within the narrative as they come together to make up one unified movement that ultimately leads to success. Furthermore, allusions are made to ancient Greek mythology with the use of 7 birds flying away from a burning village—a signifier that healing can be found even in moments of destruction. All in all, this symbolic representation serves as an effective tool that heightens both the emotional impact and thematic depth of the movie.

The Role Of Hope

The number seven has been used in literature, art and film for centuries. Its symbolism is found in many aspects of culture, including the ending of the Platform. In the final sequence, it is revealed that Goreng and Miharu have managed to defeat Trimagasi’s utopian vision and escaped from their prison’s depths. The seven levels of the platform represent a journey down into darkness but also a journey back up into the light. Through this journey, the two protagonists are able to show that hope is needed in order to overcome any obstacle.

At first glance, the ending of The Platform may appear to be a simple victory over an oppressive system; however its cultural implications go much deeper. By having its protagonists escape from their prison of darkness and embark on a new life together, it suggests a message of resilience in times of despair. It also hints at a utopian vision where suffering can be transcended with collective courage and strength of will. Ultimately, The Platform presents an optimistic view that even when all hope seems lost, there is still an opportunity for liberation through overcoming adversity together.


The Platform is an ambitious and thought-provoking film that offers a unique take on social inequality. By emphasizing the power of choice, the film shows how even small decisions can have far-reaching consequences. The film’s powerful ending serves to demonstrate the importance of hope, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Its symbolism, themes and innovative use of technology make it a truly memorable experience that will leave audiences reflecting long after the credits roll. The Platform is an impressive achievement that deserves to be seen by anyone interested in exploring deeper issues prevalent in our society today.

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