This is Us Movie Review
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This is Us Movie Review

This Is Us is a movie that has captivated audiences from all around the world. It’s a story of family, love, and loss that everyone can relate to in some way. It follows the life of the Pearson family as they struggle with their day-to-day lives and challenges. This movie will leave viewers feeling moved and inspired, from the tear-jerking moments to the heartwarming ones. So, what did critics think of This Is Us? Let’s dive into our review to find out!

The movie This Is Us stars an ensemble cast including Mandy Moore, Milo Ventimiglia, Sterling K. Brown, Chrissy Metz, and Justin Hartley. With such an impressive lineup, it’s no surprise that fans highly anticipated this film. The plot follows the lives of the Pearson family over decades as they deal with relationships, career choices, and loss. Despite being released in 2016, this movie resonates with audiences today due to its honest portrayal of life and deep exploration of emotions.

Overall reviews for This Is Us have been overwhelmingly positive – so much so that it won several awards, including Golden Globe Awards for Best Television Series – Drama and Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role (Sterling K Brown). Critics have praised its strong storytelling and powerful performances from the cast – making it one of the most talked about movies of our time. Now let’s look at what made this movie such a success…

1. Plot Summary

Take a journey with us as we explore the captivating world of ‘This is Us’ — a movie about life’s complexities and family ties. In this film, audiences are given an in-depth look into the lives of three siblings: Kevin, Kate, and Randall. All three were born on the same day to two different parents but are connected through their father, Jack. Through a series of interweaving stories spanning decades, viewers witness how the characters navigate life’s twists and turns while trying to maintain connections. The movie deals with themes like grief, love, and identity in a powerful way that will leave you wanting more.

The movie was directed by John Requa and Glenn Ficarra, who wrote the screenplay for ‘Crazy, Stupid Love’. It features an all-star cast including Mandy Moore, Milo Ventimiglia, Sterling K. Brown, Justin Hartley, Chrissy Metz, and Susan Kelechi Watson, who all bring their characters to life an authentic yet tender way. Ultimately it’s an inspiring story about finding where you belong in this chaotic world that will touch your heart! With its strong performances, thoughtful direction, and writing, ‘This is Us’ will surely be remembered for years to come.

2. Director And Cast

The critically acclaimed movie ‘This Is Us’ was directed by four directors who had previously worked on various projects together. Additionally, the cast was composed of some of the biggest names in Hollywood. With over fifty cast members and four directors, it’s no surprise that this film was such a success.

The lead actors included Mandy Moore, Milo Ventimiglia, Sterling K. Brown, and Chrissy Metz; all four received Emmy nominations for their roles in the movie. Supporting roles were played by Justin Hartley and Susan Kelechi Watson, who also received praise for their performances. Other notable actors included Chris Sullivan and Jon Huertas, who have both been praised for their comedic timing and chemistry with other cast members.

The directorial team crafted a compelling narrative that captivated viewers from beginning to end. By pairing experienced directors with promising new talent, This Is Us created an emotional roller coaster ride that resonated with global audiences. The film’s heartfelt story, combined with its powerful performances, make it one of the standouts of 2020.

3. Character Analysis

In this movie, the character selection was unique and exciting. Over eleven primary characters were featured in the film, each bringing their distinct personality to the story.
One of the most remarkable aspects of this movie was how well-developed its characters were. From the lead roles to the minor ones, each had an intriguing backstory, motivations, and flaws that made them stand out. The main protagonists – Emily Blunt as Alice and John Krasinski as her husband Gabe – portrayed an incredibly realistic relationship with its highs and lows. Similarly, Noah Jupe, Millicent Simmonds, and Cade Woodward were supporting solid characters who added depth to their respective scenes.

Overall, each character was carefully crafted to enrich the narrative of ‘A Quiet Place’. In addition to this, their dialogue and interactions with each other ultimately provided more insight into the themes at play. Without these elements, the impact of some scenes would have been lost, which is why they are so crucial for a successful movie like ‘A Quiet Place’. With that said, let’s move on to exploring those themes in more detail.

4. Themes

The fourth part of this review covers the themes of “This Is Us” movie. While there are many themes, the most obvious are family and love. These themes are explored uniquely as the characters have to navigate their lives with all the complications that come with them.

The film highlights how strong family ties can be and how much they can bring comfort in times of struggle. It also shows how relationships can be complicated and messy but ultimately rewarding if you’re willing to put in the effort. The film also touches on loyalty, resilience, and acceptance. All these elements make for a powerful story that speaks to viewers on multiple levels.

The poignant themes in “This Is Us” allow viewers to reflect on their relationships and find inspiration from the movie’s characters. This exploration of family relationships sets the stage for an overall review of the film.

5. Overall Review

In a word, ‘This Is Us’ is a cinematic masterpiece. It’s an emotional journey of life, family, and love that takes viewers on a roller coaster of highs and lows. Every scene is filled with raw emotions and real-life moments – rarely has a movie been this true to the human experience.

Each character in the movie brings something unique: it’s no wonder they all feel so alive. From Kevin’s struggles with addiction and his search for a purpose to Kate’s relentless pursuit of her dreams, each story arc builds upon the next until we reach the climax – a moment that will leave you breathless with its sheer power. As we follow these characters through their lives, we learn about ourselves, too – what it means to be alive and vulnerable and how love conquers all. The film is expertly crafted; every frame is beautiful and meaningful, and each performance is top-notch. This Is Us is an unforgettable ride that will stay long after the credits roll.


In conclusion, This Is Us is a powerful and moving film that will leave you emotionally connected to the characters. This movie, directed by Peter Hedges and starring an incredible cast, offers a unique and intimate look at family dynamics. The themes explored in this movie, such as love, identity, compassion, and acceptance, are universal and relevant to everyone.

The character arcs are deep and meaningful, each having their own struggles with finding themselves amid life’s pressures. As they all come together, it’s inspiring to watch them grow closer as time goes on. This Is Us is worth watching; it might be hard to get through at parts due to its heavy subject matter, but ultimately it will feel like a rewarding experience.

Ultimately, this movie discusses complex issues in a thoughtful and engaging way. It begs the question: What would your life look like if you could accept yourself for who you are? If you take anything away from This Is Us, it should be that it’s never too late to make changes for the betterment of yourself and those around you.

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