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Upgrade Movie Review

Our Upgrade movie review is a 2018 sci-fi action film that has been making waves in the movie industry since its release. Directed by Leigh Whannell and starring Logan Marshall-Green, the movie follows a man who becomes paralyzed after a brutal attack and is given an experimental computer chip implant that not only restores his mobility but also imbues him with superhuman abilities.

In this article, we will be taking a closer look at Upgrade and giving our honest opinion on whether it lives up to the hype. From the very beginning of Upgrade, it’s clear that this is not your typical action movie. The film’s unique blend of sci-fi elements, thrilling fight scenes, and dark humor create an experience that keeps you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

But does Upgrade deliver more than just adrenaline-pumping entertainment? Does it have something more profound to say about society or the human condition? We’ll explore these questions to explore what makes this movie stand out.

The Unique Blend Of Sci-Fi And Action

Upgrade is a sci-fi action film that explores futuristic technology and combines genres seamlessly.

The movie follows Grey Trace, a mechanic who becomes paralyzed after a brutal attack that also takes his wife’s life.

To regain control of his body and seek revenge, Grey agrees to an experimental procedure that implants a computer chip called STEM into his spine.

What follows is a thrilling ride through a world where advanced technology has become commonplace, but not without its consequences.

The unique blend of sci-fi and action keeps the audience engaged from start to finish, with breathtaking fight scenes and mind-bending plot twists.

Upgrade challenges our assumptions about the future and what it means to be human, all while delivering heart-pumping entertainment.

Logan Marshall-Green’s Performance

Logan Marshall-Green’s performance in Upgrade is nothing short of impressive. Playing the lead role of Grey Trace, a technophobe mechanic who becomes a killing machine after a spinal implant, Marshall-Green displayed remarkable character depth throughout the film.

From his initial resistance to society’s technological advancements to his gradual acceptance of it and his thirst for revenge, the actor portrayed each aspect with precision and nuance.

What truly stands out in Marshall-Green’s performance is his physicality and emotion. The fight sequences in Upgrade are intense and brutal, yet Marshall-Green manages to convey every blow with conviction. His movements are deliberate and calculated, adding more realism to the action scenes.

Additionally, his ability to emote without dialogue is remarkable – there are moments where he conveys pain, anger, and sadness through just facial expressions alone.

Overall, Logan Marshall-Green delivers an outstanding performance that elevates Upgrade beyond just a simple action movie. In conclusion, his portrayal of Grey Trace is nuanced and believable, with remarkable character depth that makes the audience empathize with him even as he becomes more violent. Furthermore, his physicality during fight scenes adds an extra layer of excitement and makes them feel more realistic. Finally, his ability to convey emotion without dialogue showcases his talent as an actor. All in all, Logan Marshall-Green’s performance is not one to be missed in this thrilling sci-fi action flick.

The Exploration Of Society And The Human Condition

Logan Marshall-Green’s performance in Upgrade was undoubtedly impressive, but the film’s exploration of morality and societal norms truly sets it apart.

Director Leigh Whannell delves deep into these themes, using the futuristic backdrop to challenge our beliefs and values.

The film raises thought-provoking questions about human nature and the influence of technology on society.

Grey Trace’s (Marshall-Green) journey shows us the dangers of blindly following societal norms and the consequences of ignoring our moral compass.

Upgrade invites us to reflect on our relationship with technology and its impact on our lives.

The film delivers a powerful message about questioning authority, challenging established beliefs, and staying true to ourselves in a world where conformity is often rewarded over individuality.

Overall, Upgrade is a thought-provoking exploration of morality that will leave audiences contemplating long after leaving the theater.

The Use Of Dark Humor

The use of dark humor in Upgrade is a bold move but one that pays off. Director Leigh Whannell doesn’t shy away from exploring boundaries, which is evident in how he injects humor into some of the film’s most intense moments.

It’s not for everyone, though. Some may find the jokes to be in poor taste, and it’s understandable why there has been controversial reception surrounding the film’s approach. However, those who can appreciate this type of humor will find Upgrade to be a refreshing take on the sci-fi thriller genre.

The dark humor adds an extra layer to the story and characters, making them more complex than your typical action hero or villain. It also serves as a commentary on society’s obsession with technology and how it can sometimes lead us down dangerous paths.

Overall, using dark humor in Upgrade is risky and pays off in spades for those willing to take the ride.

The Overall Impact And Reception Of Upgrade

The overall impact of Upgrade on audiences and the box office was a mixed bag.

On one hand, a significant buzz surrounded the film leading up to its release, with many intrigued by its unique blend of action and science fiction.

However, upon its release, the film failed to make a significant splash at the box office.

Despite this lackluster performance, Upgrade did garner a devoted following among those who did see it.

The film’s brutal action scenes and intriguing premise drew in genre fans, while its themes about the dangers of technology resonated with a broader audience.

Ultimately, while Upgrade may not have been a box office success, it still managed to leave an impact on those who saw it.


In conclusion, Upgrade is a thrilling and unique film that perfectly blends sci-fi and action.

Logan Marshall-Green’s performance as the protagonist Grey Trace is outstanding, bringing depth and emotion to his character, especially during his transformation into a technologically enhanced killing machine.

What sets Upgrade apart from other films in its genre is its exploration of society and the human condition. The film delves into themes such as morality, technology, and free will, leaving the audience questioning what it means to be human.

The use of dark humor adds another layer to the storytelling, making for an entertaining yet thought-provoking experience.

Overall, Upgrade is a must-see for fans of sci-fi and action films. With its unique premise, excellent performances, and deep exploration of societal themes, the film has received a positive reception from critics and audiences alike.

It’s a testament to how science fiction can entertain and challenge our understanding of humanity.

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