Wonder Woman Movie Spoilers
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Wonder Woman Movie Spoilers

The Wonder Woman movie has been a highly anticipated release since its announcement. Fans of the DC Comics character have been eagerly waiting for the film’s release, which features Gal Gadot as the titular hero. With the movie now in theaters, many fans are searching for spoilers to gain insight into the plot and characters. However, some may argue that reading spoilers before watching a film can diminish the overall viewing experience.

The Wonder Woman movie is directed by Patty Jenkins and written by Allan Heinberg, with Zack Snyder and Deborah Snyder serving as producers. The film tells the origin story of Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman, who leaves her home on Themyscira to stop World War I and face off against Ares, the God of War. While trailers and promotional material have given fans a glimpse into what they can expect from the movie, there are still many questions left unanswered. For those curious about what happens in the film but wary of ruining their own viewing experience, this article will provide an overview of some of the key plot points and spoilers without giving away too much detail.

Diana’s Backstory And Origin

Diana’s backstory and origin in the Wonder Woman movie is a compelling aspect of the film. The story begins with her upbringing on Themyscira, an all-female island where she is trained by her aunt Antiope and mother Hippolyta to become a fierce warrior. The training that Diana undergoes is rigorous and focused on combat skills, but also emphasizes moral values such as compassion and justice. Through this upbringing, Diana becomes imbued with a deep sense of purpose and duty to protect humanity from evil.

Themyscira’s culture, which is steeped in ancient Greek mythology, is also an essential component of Diana’s backstory. The island is portrayed as a utopia where women live free from the constraints of patriarchal society, living in peace and harmony with nature. However, this idyllic existence is disrupted when Steve Trevor crash-lands on the island, bringing news of World War I raging outside their borders. As Diana sets out to fulfill her mission to end the war and save humanity, she must navigate the complexities of a world that is vastly different from what she has known all her life.

The Conflict In World War I

One of the notable themes in Wonder Woman is the effects of war, particularly World War I. The film depicts the horrors and devastation that warfare brings not only to soldiers but also to civilians. The battlefield scenes are graphic and realistic, highlighting the brutality of war. The film also touches on the psychological impact of war on soldiers, showing how they can become disillusioned and lose their sense of purpose.

Another significant theme in Wonder Woman is feminism. The film portrays women as strong and capable individuals who can fight alongside men. Diana, the main character, challenges gender stereotypes and breaks down barriers by proving that she is just as skilled and powerful as any man. Moreover, Wonder Woman highlights the importance of female solidarity and empowerment. In one scene, Diana rallies a group of women to fight against their oppressors, inspiring them to stand up for themselves and take control of their own lives. Overall, Wonder Woman delivers a powerful message about feminism and its relevance even in times of war.

The effects of war are devastating not only to those who fight but also to innocent civilians caught in the crossfire. This theme is evident throughout Wonder Woman’s depiction of World War I. Moreover, the film showcases feminist ideals by portraying women as strong and capable individuals who can challenge gender stereotypes and break down barriers. By delivering these messages while still providing an entertaining superhero adventure story, Wonder Woman stands out as a remarkable film that speaks to both our current cultural moment and historical events from over a century ago.

The Arrival Of Steve Trevor

The Arrival of Steve Trevor in the Wonder Woman movie had a significant impact on the overall plot and character development. As the first man to ever set foot on Themyscira, his arrival disrupted the peaceful and female-dominated society of the Amazons. His presence also served as a catalyst for Diana’s journey towards understanding humanity and her role as a superhero.

Steve’s arrival not only brought about external conflict but also challenged Diana’s beliefs and values. Through their interactions, Diana begins to see the complexity of human nature and the importance of compassion in her mission to protect the world. Additionally, Steve’s character development throughout the film highlights themes of sacrifice and selflessness that ultimately inspire Diana to make her own sacrifices for the greater good.

Overall, Steve Trevor’s arrival was a pivotal moment in Wonder Woman that effectively set up the rest of the story while providing opportunities for both external conflict and internal growth for our protagonist. His character development served as a foil to Diana’s own journey towards becoming a hero, making him an essential part of one of DC Comics’ most successful films to date.

Diana’s Journey To Stop Ares

Diana’s journey to stop Ares was a pivotal point in the film’s plot, as it showcased her development as a character. Throughout the movie, Diana struggled with her inner turmoil, trying to reconcile her desire for peace and love with her duty to protect humanity. This struggle came to a head when she finally faced off against Ares, the God of War.

Ares’ motivations were complex and multi-layered, which added depth to the film’s villain. As the God of War, he believed that conflict was necessary for humanity’s survival and progress. He saw himself as a mentor to mankind, guiding them towards their true potential through violence and chaos. However, at his core, Ares was driven by his own desire for power and control. His ultimate goal was not just to incite war but to become the ruler of all creation. In their final battle, Diana ultimately triumphed over Ares by embracing her own power and love for humanity, proving that there is strength in compassion and empathy.

The Reveal Of Ares’ True Identity

The reveal of Ares’ true identity in the Wonder Woman movie is a pivotal moment that carries significant weight. As the God of War, Ares’ motives are to bring destruction and chaos to humanity, and it becomes clear that he has been manipulating events behind the scenes to achieve this goal. Diana’s reaction to discovering Ares’ true identity is one of shock and disbelief as she realizes that the person she believed was aiding her in stopping the war was actually its cause.

The reveal of Ares’ true identity also serves as a turning point for Diana’s character development. She must confront the reality that humans are capable of both good and evil, and that it is not solely the work of gods or demons. This realization challenges her beliefs about humanity and her role as a superhero. Ultimately, Diana must decide whether to give into Ares’ temptation to join him in his quest for destruction or stay true to her values and fight against him. The tension created by this decision adds depth to Wonder Woman’s character and elevates the film beyond a simple superhero origin story.

The Final Battle And Its Consequences

With the reveal of Ares’ true identity, Diana’s beliefs and convictions were shaken to the core. She had believed that defeating Ares would put an end to all wars and conflicts, but in reality, she learned that humans can be both good and bad, capable of making their own choices. This realization contributed to her character development as she learned to accept life’s complexities and uncertainties.

The final battle between Diana and Ares was intense and emotionally charged. The consequences of victory were not only physical but also psychological. Diana had successfully defeated Ares, but at a great cost. She had lost Steve Trevor, the love of her life, whom she had grown close to throughout the movie. This loss had a profound impact on her character development as it taught her about sacrifice and the true price of war. Overall, Wonder Woman’s final battle showcased how victory can come with unintended consequences that leave a lasting impact on its characters.

Post-Credits Scene And Future Of The Franchise

The post-credits scene of Wonder Woman has sparked a lot of excitement and speculation among fans. The scene features Steve Trevor’s watch, which Diana had kept as a memento, suddenly beeping and flashing. It is then revealed that the person responsible for the mysterious activity is none other than Lynda Carter, who played Wonder Woman in the 1970s television series. This surprise cameo has left many wondering if Carter will play a bigger role in the future of the franchise.

The inclusion of Lynda Carter’s character in the post-credits scene is a clever nod to the original Wonder Woman series, which was a cultural phenomenon in its time. Her presence hints at the possibility of more connections between the old and new iterations of Wonder Woman. Furthermore, this cameo opens up exciting opportunities for future films in terms of franchise potential. It could mean that we might see more unexpected cameos from other actors who have portrayed DC characters in different mediums or even spin-off movies that explore different eras and versions of Wonder Woman’s story. Overall, this post-credits scene has added an extra layer of anticipation for what’s to come in the future of this beloved superhero franchise.


The Wonder Woman movie takes viewers on a journey through Diana’s backstory and origin, as well as her mission to stop Ares during World War I. The arrival of Steve Trevor adds a new layer of conflict, leading Diana on a path towards discovering the true identity of her enemy. The final battle has serious consequences for both Diana and the world around her.

The post-credits scene hints at the future of the franchise, leaving audiences eager for what’s to come. Overall, Wonder Woman is a visually stunning film that showcases Gal Gadot’s incredible performance as the titular character. Director Patty Jenkins does an excellent job balancing action with heart, resulting in a powerful story about love, sacrifice, and heroism. With its strong feminist themes and captivating storytelling, Wonder Woman sets a new standard for superhero films.

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